Scams You've Encountered

This scam has been around a long time. All they have is some info from data releases. There is none of what they say. Delete it and don’t lose any sleep. If it is a password you still use then go change it. Scam emails demand Bitcoin, threaten blackmail | FTC Consumer Information


Oh, I’ve already done that. No worries. But I found it reeeeeeally creepy.

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This is a fascinating AARP article on how scammers work and one Irish guy’s efforts to block them.

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I read this in my AARP newsletter. Excellent article, and fascinating!

Yesterday my mother got a text that her amazon prime account was going to be charged $499 for something she’d ordered (a service). She was very concerned. I asked her if she had an Amazon prime account (knowing she doesn’t) and she said no. I told her there was nothing to worry about then, was there?

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Ugh. These crooks just carpet bomb everyone using popular names of stores and services. Once in a while, a concerned recipient will click the link and enter their password… Bastards! :confounded:

Jim Browning is awesome. There’s also another Youtuber called Scammer Payback who exposes these guys. His videos are hilarious.

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Got two texts today. One said my stimulus check could not be delivered so I needed to verify my info. The other said I had a check on the way from the DMV as a reward for good driving, but again my info was missing. :crazy_face:

Bb, I got the very same.

I got two robocalls yesterday saying my social security number had been linked to illegal activity and all my financial accounts would be frozen until I called them back.

Just got an email to click a rando link and choose my new Biden-Care health insurance.

My husband got a lot of phone calls from Indian Recruiters who found the Resume and call. They said they were with a company in a nearby town but calling from India. After a few conversations, my husband figured out they are probably scams. But I don’t understand what they are trying to do. It is not like a scam to grab the money.

The next step is usually a “job offer” that requires a “background and credit check.” And then the scammers are off with the person’s identity!

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got a few messages from my bank yesterday (real ones) and then got one from a scammer pretending to be my bank. the emails looked almost identical; and i almost clicked as it said something was wrong with my account (and i had just made changes). I thought i was pretty savvy over this all; but that almost got me.

made me think - what if it would have said “free gift card " for completing our survey on your recent transactions” – i would have clicked probably immediately. I wonder if scammers know what works better … . Fear or reward? curious on that.

I’m wondering if your bank is Chase or B of A. Those are the ones I get scam messages from.

no! neither of those! crazy though with how similar the emails looked. the return email was fishy though.

Don’t click on links in the email. Instead, go to the real website of the bank (or whatever business it is), login to your account there, and see if the “problem” is real.