Scams You've Encountered

Since you didn’t click on any of the links, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thank you, that’s encouraging though I did click on the email link leading to the website - just not on the flashing link on the website .

I have an instagram account and one of my kids said “follow” Wildups on the site… you know cute animal pics, travel, etc. Anyway they promote a company called that sells various items. I saw something interesting and went directly to the website to order… back in October for Christmas. December 3 I got an email saying my item had been sent with a China post tracking. It never arrived. I emailed the company for status in January 1 first line in the the email said “this is not a scam” please be patient. Your item will arrive in a few days. I replied that it still had not arrived and received the same email. Anyway I am disputing with my cc company. I do not think there is a lot of verification on social media definitely beware.

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I received a fairly legit looking message from someone claiming to be our bank, saying I’d been locked out of my account for security reasons and needed to click their link to sign in and create a new password. It’s easy to see how some people would be fooled by it. I’ll send it to the bank’s fraud dept. but doubt there’s anything that can be done.

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I’ve gotten one of those yesterday and another today, both supposedly from banks I do no business with!


Got one at my work email saying it was the United Nations and they have money for me (the usual send us your bank account, social, etc. to get this money)

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High five to grandma Jean!!!



I just hope they don’t retaliate against her somehow. I’d be worried about revenge TBH.

It’s nice that they briefly caught one though.