Scams You've Encountered

The other day, I saw a guy buying literally dozens of gift cards at the local grocery store. I asked him about it and he explained that for every $50 card, he got a $10 card for the grocery store, so 20% instant discount. He said they gave an old home that needs a lot of witk, so many lowes and Home Depot cards. He assured me he wasn’t doing all that work for a scammer in India.

Today, looking at the CCard bill, there was a charge to a CA jeweler we didn’t recognize so had to call the CCard company to dispute bill item and cancel that card. The employee said he does these disputes 6 hours a day out of his 8 hour days, 5 days/week.

Got a call on Monday from a neighboring state, from a specific sgt. in a drive through county sheriff office, urgently needing to speak with me, by name.

I am wondering if they tracked me by my car tags, maybe I was a witness to an accident.

Well, internet sleuth that I am, the reverse phone look up showed low risk for spam, but the sherif department had no numbers like the one I got the call from.
I searched the site for the named officer, but he had retired 2 years ago. And I found a YouTube video from 3 years ago, from that department, with that officer stating they do not contact by phone and that they are using his name in a scam.


Very good sleuthing skills, @mominva .


I got a similar call about 3 months ago. My phone. I didn’t answer (unknown number), and message was supposedly from sheriff xxx, urgently needing to speak to DH (by name). I didn’t do as much sleuthing as you, but did look up the number of the mentioned county sheriff office. It wasn’t even close to the one calling my phone. I ignored the call, and assumed if that urgent, I (or DH) would receive another call. Never did.

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PSA: have your elderly parents and other relatives freeze their credit accounts - our dear aunt got hit with 9 Payday loans totaling close to $20K! I took her to Chase and we cleared everything up (fortunately) but she hadn’t even reviewed bank statements for 3 months - banker asked her if she’d be ok adding me to the account (she’s 90 with no other living blood relative, I’m her neice-in-law) to keep an eye on her account. She was more than happy to. We then froze all her accounts. I will ensure she’s safe!

I hate scam artists with a passion!

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Also got a similar call about a year ago. Gave the name of a local deputy and it was not on line when I looked. I called the sheriff’s department and said they did not call me and did not know who that was.