Scams You've Encountered

I have various accounts with 2 different banks. Every month, at different times, I get an email from each bank letting me now that my FICO score has been updated and to click on the link to verify it. And every month I delete those emails and log in directly to the banks’s website. You just never know.

Once I worked at an employer that wanted employees to take an online training for this sort of thing. Except that it was through an outside contractor who sent an email announcing it (with link to it on an outside web site) from an unfamiliar outside email address. Turned out to be real, but lots of people thought it was suspicious.

I git this one back in 2019, but I guess that both @college_query and I are on Director Wray’s Contact List. The lack of spaces after punctuation marks and and other errors were in the original email, so the FBI may be to blame: