Scared after a rejection & deferral - please chance me at t20 colleges

Keep in mind that you can major in anything you like, and still get into med school. In fact, Bio majors are a dime a dozen at med schools. You thinking of psychiatry? Maybe major in psychology and neuroscience. You love music? You can major in music, even in instrumental music, and it might even increase your odds of acceptance to med school. Major in anything you love, that you can do well in. As long as your grades in the prerequisite courses are good, and your MCATs are good, and you do some activity that demonstrates your interest in medicine, it doesn’t matter what you major in.


Interesting. My neighbor’s daughter got EA at Michigan but rejected at Purdue.

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Thank you for this! Currently I applied to all schools as a bio major, but for schools that are easy to switch / not admitted by major, I’ll definitely look into majoring in psych because that’s another interest of mine.

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