Scholarship and Financial Aid Package Class 2024

@momzilla2D you need to file FASFA in order to be considered for merit scholarships- it is clearly stated

@skibunny2 Here is what is clearly stated…

“For most awards, we consider academic achievement only. For others, financial need is also considered.”

Can you show me where it is clearly stated that you need to file the FAFSA for the National Buckeye scholarship.

and there’s this, under ‘more FAQs’…

“Should I file the FAFSA?
Yes. All students are highly encouraged to file the FAFSA by February 1 to receive priority consideration for the widest range of need-based scholarships, loans, grants and Federal Work-Study.”

No mention of merit-based.

Do you know when they come out with merit packages? Am OOS direct admit to Fisher. Or have they already come out with them and I didnt get anything. Am 4.2 GPA and 35 ACT, parents are alums and good EC, community service etc.

Admissions said you do not need to fill out FASFA for merit aid FYI - came up in my visit and another parent asked during Q/A.

Hi @DG. My S20 is a 4.6/1510 engineering admit. He and a couple friends just like him (same stats) have heard nothing in terms of merit aid. I am sure at least one of them will get something. So, I would guess many have not heard on that yet.

@cypresspat thanks! I think January/February is usually when merit comes out. Seems like there is different timing for admission, honors notification and merit notification.

@DG. For sure those three things are separate, but merit and honors are related. Because OSU is decentralized in many ways, the colleges are involved in merit and honors decisions. And each march to their own drummer. So, merit for a nursing student who did not apply for honors will have a completely different process and calendar for an engineering student applying for honors. And that will be different every year! Big, big engine with multiple independent cylinders all going at a different speed.

@cypresspat - thanks for your insights…I heard from honors last week…so as you said its a longer more complicated process i guess.

will keep fingers crossed for you!

Thank you for this information!

I called admissions on Tuesday. They confirmed that FAFSA is not considered for merit scholarships, and particularly for the National Buckeye for out of state kids. She said applications complete by the early action deadline would hear by the end of January for admission, and by the end of February for the National Buckeye scholarship.

@Thinking101 Thank you for clarifying that. I appreciate it.

@Thinking101 - thanks for confirming!!

Can anyone share the dates being offered for accepted student visits (i.e. Buckeye Bound). I am hopefully (being optimistic and hopefully not jinxing him) anticipating my DS’s acceptance in the next month and would like to coordinate our trip to the Midwest this winter/spring to visit multiple schools in one weekend. (I’m a planner) However, until you are formally accepted we can’t see the dates for OSU’s accepted student days. DS has a 1480 SAT, Eagle Scout, 8 AP’s, HOBY representative, 3.9 GPA. Applied to engineering and to the honors program. TIA. Good luck to all the hopefull seniors.

Haven’t seen Buckeye bound dates. There are random admitted students days in various majors

Any idea when we’ll hear about Eminence Scholar acceptances?

@RaLaSrSa Take a read through for last year’s timeline.


It varies depending on the particular club.

Hi all! We’re OOS. DS accepted back in November. Exchanged emails with the financial aid office about the timing of notifications re: National Buckeye Scholarship. They responded that all students will receive their financial aid packages by the end of March. They also noted that merit scholarships can be awarded separately, notifications are done on a rolling basis, and that, as a result, students could learn about National Buckeye Scholarship before receive the rest of their award. Good luck to all!