Selective Service on FAFSA?

<p>The funny thing about this is that if you're an international living in the US, are waiting on your greencard, or even an undocumented alien, you still need to register for the Selective Service, which is kind of stupid since all of the stated above do not, or usually don't have SSNs, unless they can work.</p>


<p>Are you saying that these students are required by law to register? Or are you saying you think they are required to do so to receive financial aid? Because if it's the latter, that's not true ... if a man wasn't <em>required</em> to register, he would write & sign a statement indicating this fact.</p>

<p>They're required to by law, as long as you live in the US, whether you be on a visa, waiting for your greencard, or undocumented.
I'm not sure if you'd be drafted, but this fact remains and I know a lot of immigration advocates have to remind their clients to sign up for selective service because it can cause immigration problems down the line. ie. if you didn't register for selective service but then apply for citizenship, it can be denied because you didn't register for selective service.</p>

<p>Selective</a> Service System: Welcome</p>

<p>Here it is ... Zester, thanks for pointing that out.</p>