Sending transcripts

Hey CC

one college of mine is due Jan 1, but I havent even thought about the transcripts. Need I send it to them or will they request later?

Kinda urgent since my school is closed until the 4th.

I’d arrange to have the transcript sent as school as school re-opens. That should be fine.

As long as your application is submitted on time, supporting materials (transcripts, letters of rec., etc) can usually be submitted after the deadline.

how sure are you^ is that only for your colleges?
@sophie9999 if you’re right, i would be soooo happy, but i wanna be sure.

From my own experience it’s been fine. My counselor submitted my school report and recommendation 2 weeks late, and I was still accepted EA to Boston College and Villanova. I know on University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s website, it specifically says supporting documents may be submitted a few weeks after the deadline. I’m guessing other colleges are the same.

Here’s more info:

@sophie9999 thanks so much! and i got an email from vanderbilt as well