It’s really weird how ACT is releasing scores on Tuesday, when they said that they would only post on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Anyone else taking the PSAT tomorrow morning?

@clichescreenname Yup! Don’t really know what’s a good score on the new scale too well, but hoping for a 140+ I guess.

@collegebound1516 CALL the admissions offices ASAP. Your guidance counselor can’t know the policy for all your schools, since each has different deadlines. Don’t let it come to you emailing them and them saying it’s too late…make sure now!

@Collegewhat thanks I will call them tomorrow… should’ve guessed that was an iffy answer, the counselors are my school aren’t know for being… the brightest.

Do you guys know if any writing scores will be released tomorrow? I really want to know! Sort of nervous since the grading is apparently really harsh…

My writing score isn’t up yet, even though I got my multiple choice scores 2 weeks ago.
This is so frustrating.

@aposnova oh come on. I don’t even have my goddamn multiple choice…


E-35 (really surprised!)
M-35 (UGHHH)
R-28 (w u t)
S-32 (nu why)

@basedchem congrats man! hope I get my scores soon!

@selectyour Story of my life. I’m not even in a mood to rant right now, this is so disappointing. Well, I guess all we can do is congratulate the lucky few who do actually get their MC scores and hopelessly wait till Nov 6th.
Still, I never thought a simple multiple choice test would take 8 weeks to deliver scores, this is so difficult for all of us.

any writing scores today?? this is so frustrating

Not yet wrting score,

FINALLY got my scores


Same composite as last time, but at least my superscore went up 1 point…

still no score for me? anyone else still waiting?

I hope I get my writing score before the October test

I got a 34!

35 (even though 18 and 18…)/ 33 (down one) / 32 / 36

Still have no scores. :frowning:

Did anyone out there receive their writing scores yet?

No score! Still quality assurance!!!

Still no writing scores
got multiple choice 2 weeks ago