Hope that’s not the case for my son too. The rep assured me it being electronic would help expedite the delay, but who knows at this point…

Has anyone not gotten their writing scores yet? I got my MC three weeks ago and am still waiting for writing scores.

Hope that’s not the case for my son too. The rep assured me it being electronic would help expedite the delay, but who knows at this point…

@tan075 – Sorry – was thinking that might be the case. Hope those darn scores are released this week. Oh wait – just saw the above – @tonymom – thanks for the heads up. Nov 6th. wow. I’m amazed. Not in a good way.

My S is in the same boat waiting on the ACT writing scores for his priority applications (Nov1). I called a few of the schools he apply to because he sent his April ACT scores as well as the Sept ACT scores. His Sept was much better accept for Science which was why we paid to have April sent. After speaking with a few of the schools he applied it turns out that it is good that he sent the April scores because his application is considered “complete” with the April scores having been received but will be updated upon receipt of the Sept scores. Now of course if he is unlucky and his “completed” app is one of the first to be reviewed that I guess could hurt him. The schools I called all assured me not to worry about that possibility.

Still no writing score. As many of you, cannot get scores out without writing. We reached out to some colleges to let them know that an updated score would be coming. Very disappointing, as ACT released the MC choice later than expected (states on their website “most” score are released within 2 weeks… So of course they did not release the MC scores timely, and then once again, falsely state that the writing score would be available 14 days after MC scores are released – again, did not occur. So, same story as you all – and then of course those who still have not even received your MC scores – my heart goes out to you… Bottom line - ACT needs to revise their processes, it’s just not working well or fairly.

Under the scores tab, on the ACT website it states in the first sentence:
“How Soon Scores Are Ready”
“Most scores are available for online viewing within 2 weeks after each national or international test date.”

Certainly does not appear to the case that “most” scores were available.

Anyone out there taking the next ACT coming up (in a few days?) … The last possible day to get those scores will be Dec 28th according to the ranges ACT lists. Just curious.

Hi everyone, how does the ACT Red Book practice test scores compare to those of the real test?

This seems pretty much a huge FAIL on ACT part. The reps have all been very kind but you can tell they’ve been told to apologize and assure callers the scores will eventually appear.
What should have been a straightforward process for my son is now turning into a stressful situation.
And I can’t even imagine not even having the composite score yet!!! That’s just pure incompetency!!!
Just curious what is plan B for the rest of you? My kiddo really wants to wait for the writing score so he can use Sept score…
I say use SAT and be done with it!

I still haven’t received my ACT Writing score, and it has been almost 3 weeks since I got my MC scores!
Stressing out for EA Applications!!!

My niece was told by several admissions reps that even if the writing score comes in on November 6th (the latest date promised by the ACT, correct?), it would still be considered for ED deadlines. Obviously it’s best to have the score before that so the Common App testing section can be filled out instead of left blank (because it won’t let you fill out everything and leave out just the writing score). Let’s hope that November 6th doesn’t come and go without those scores.

What’s percentile is 31 writing score and this recent ACT

Hmm…Is it possible that admissions officers see my application BEFORE my delayed ACT scores reach the university system?
Or is it true that for the first two weeks after the deadline, the admissions don’t really read the applications?

My S was told that they won’t review his application until they have his complete set of scores, even though they know the situation. The deadline is November 15th, and I was told that it can take up to 4 weeks to receive.process them. So even if they come out tomorrow, it may be too late.

i really feel for everyone. This is just wrong.

I got a 36 on my writing!!!

Did you just get that today?

@studying123 Congrats!! How’d you do on the rest of the test? I’m just wondering how they proportion the writing score in accordance to the MC scores…

@tonymom I didn’t check my ACT account until today, so it might have came out earlier. I got my scores 3 weeks ago.
@52balletvieta thank you! The writing to my knowledge does not affect your composite–so although I got a 36 on my writing, I have a 30 composite overall. I did get a 33 on my English, however.

@studying123 Gotcha, thanks!