Should I submit my SAT score?

Late, but have you considered re-taking and not applying ED? Brown ED doesn’t give much of a boost anyway and a high math SAT would give you a much bigger boost than any ED boost.

Am i the only one who doesn’t see a chart or scores at this link?

Never mind, looking at the wrong link (the first one and should have been looking at the second one)

Sorry - don’t get much time to edit a post. I wish that they gave more of a break down between 700-740 and 750-800. 58% between 750-800, but what is the breakdown? It could be 25% are 750, 15% are 760 and the remaining 18% stretch between 770 and 800 - The 790 could possibly be in the top 5% of admitted students, but there is no way to know without a better breakdown. Same for the 700-740 range.