Should I use Common Application or Coalition Application?

Is one better than the other for applying Early Decision?


If all of the colleges you want to apply to are on the Coalition platform, there’re some advantages of using the Coalition App. One of them is that the Coalition App asks for fewer unnecessary (and perhaps intrusive) questions.

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They are both just vehicles to get data to a school - they don’t care which you use.

Common App has a lot more schools, and many that only use it, so filling out one is certainly easier than using both.

My D22 dropped a school because it was Coalition only and her 11 other schools were Common App only. She wasn’t up for entering all of the data again and coming up with a new essay.

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Does anyone know what’s going on with the Coalition App today? It’s been broken for hours

It was down for quite awhile yesterday, but came back up late last night. Have you been able to submit your app(s)?

Fwiw, users on Reddit have reported that UWashington has extended their deadline to 11/16 (tomorrow).

UW seems to be the school with an 11/15 deadline driving all of the traffic.

It was down for several hours I believe. U-Dub anyway extended their deadline to 11/16 11.59 PST. We know a ton of kids waiting to apply to U-Dub last minute. Luckily it got sorted out.

Yes, thanks! All good here. I saw they extended the deadline, which is good for all the kids who waited til the last day😂

Ask your guidance counselor which app your high school prefers. My kid’s high school recommends the Common App because of how it works with Naviance.