Simmons University- Class of 2025

No, just merit aid in the letter

I got in… received my letter in the mail along with my cute Beanie hat and super nice scholarship… Still its gonna cost a lot. Also a bit apprehensive as I read that Simmons is in the list of the unhappiest campuses… kids say they are very unhappy there. Lots of concerns with the infrastructure and the food and the staff even the President. I don’t want to go to a sad place :O(. So I am thinking about it thoroughly. Good luck everyone.

I was super nervous about this too. I visited January 2020 right before the pandemic, and I ate on campus and I thought the food was great, I mean it was no five-star restaurant, but for campus food, I thought it was amazing. I also know a few students who go there, and I asked them about the happiness thing as I saw that as well, and she couldn’t believe they were ranked that because she loved her experience and said everyone always seemed very happy there. I think lots of those online ranking things are inaccurate, but I understand your concerns.