Simons Summer Research Program 2021

Decisions are out!

All decision? I did not get one

Oh, then maybe it’s only for my mentor. I had Dr. Wei Zhu.

Phew, do you know of any others?

Officially accepted for Ojima but declined because I also got into Garcia Scholars!! Congratulations to everyone!

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Me too!!! I got in for Ojima as well, but am also declining for another program. Congrats

I haven’t gotten a decision yet.

Has anyone gotten a decision for Bioinformatics profs?

Did anyone who put Dr. Mueller as their first choice get a decision?

I’ve seen a few people mention a lot of their achievements as “My profile.” Was this a separate section of the application I forgot to fill out? :anguished: Or is this just what you mentioned in different parts of your application? I’m just confused because the 90-word limit didn’t feel like enough to elaborate on a long list of achievements.

I was accepted into the program to my surprise!(I do not have as many accomplishments or stats as others in this thread do). However I am nervous about the program and was wondering if any of you would be interested in making an instagram GC in order to make some connections with one another. My mentors are Dr. Troy Rasbury and Dr.William Holt in the Geosciences department.

Did anyone get admission working on Computer Science projects?

No hopefully its just not out yet

Has anyone heard anything from Applied Mathematics & Statistics or Electrical & Computer Engineering professors?

Don’t foget they only really release by May 15th. They still are figuring things out

was just rejected :open_mouth: good luck to everyone else!


dm me if you were accepted to join accepted students group

Can u add me to accepted group thx

Could you add me too please, thank you!

has anyone else not gotten a final acceptance/rejection yet?