Skidmore - Experiences thus far from a freshman parent

So funny, and I agree my predictions don’t mean much either these days!

Hi SuntasticMom, My son got in tonight! I applied to join the Parent FB group; hopefully they will accept me soon.


Did you apply test optional to the FB group? :crazy_face:


Congratulations!! That is wonderful news! The parent FB group is very responsive and welcoming – will see you over there. If you ever have any questions I am happy to answer them too!

I posted there last night. They admitted me right away. Thanks!

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Thank you! My son was just admitted ED. This is great information. Why does the Fiske guide say “dorms are like palaces?” I assumed the housing was above average. My son has severe allergies. I wonder how they handle that. He’ll need AC because he often can’t keep the windows open.


Hi. Don’t know but maybe Fiske saw the upperclassman housing. Juniors and seniors live in the apartments which are modern and super nice. It’s like living in a townhouse development very close to campus.

Some freshman dorms do have a/c! What I would do as the spring/summer approaches is get a note from his doctor and send that in to Residential Life services and ask them the procedure to get a dorm with a/c. If he can’t open windows at all that may be a case for getting a single too if he wants one. My sense is that if you have a medical reason they will accommodate that. Good luck and congratulations on his acceptance, I am sure it will work out!

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I suggest you contact the office of disability services. Find out what documentation is needed (likely a doctor’s note) and when it needs to be sent in by to be certain he gets placed in a room with air conditioning or that a window unit is put in his room.

Congrats on his admission to Skidmore!

@regiarc Did you son decide to apply to Skidmore? :grinning:

Sorry for the delay in responding. Hadn’t been looking at this discussion lately, after he applied. Which answers your question. Applied RD, so will be a while.

Good luck! :grinning: