Skype Interviews--What did you wear?

<p>My son has a Skype interview next week. For those of you who had them, what did you wear and where did you sit for it in your house? If he did it on campus he would have worn a shirt and tie. Just wondering what other students did.</p>

<p>My daughter had a Skype interview for a scholarship (not Wake) and she wore a dress. The top half of the body will probably be the only part on camera but I think dressing like you would for any interview help set the tone and mindset. I would have your son wear a shirt with a collar at least and I think a tie would be fine. She did it from an extra bedroom and we pulled a desk out from the wall so the wall provided a neutral, uncluttered,background. You want a quiet, private spot with no background noise. Also make sure no pets, or younger siblings will interrupt.</p>

<p>Thanks, Moreover!</p>

<p>Not for Wake...but I had my Penn interview via Skype and I wore a dress shirt without a tie. Pants don't really matter, I guess. My interviewer was in a t-shirt. I sat in front of a white wall to prevent any distractions, but I've had friends who reserved a private room in the public library and did it there.</p>

<p>I had my skype interview today and dressed fairly formally, wearing a dress. I would recommend a dress shirt for a guy, maybe a tie? My interviewer was pretty casually dressed, with just a button down shirt, but its probably better to be a little better dressed than your interviewer?</p>

<p>I wore regular interview clothes on top and sweats and slippers on the bottom. I guess I'm just glad she didn't ask me to stand up :)</p>

<p>How did your interview go, pinkcupcake14?</p>

<p>"How did your interview go, pinkcupcake14?"</p>

<p>My interview went pretty well, actually. She asked me a few hard questions but we both really liked a couple of the same books and we have the same first name. Overall I'd say it went pretty well. I did five college interviews in all and I'd say it was one of my better ones.</p>

<p>I wore a three button down shirt with a cardigan over and dark jeans...The interviewer was dressed less formally than me. Just look like there was some effort put in but don't go overboard would be my recommendation.</p>