So now we wait

<p>Aw shucks, why couldn’t she have chosen accounting…it pays, it’s a day job, and mothers could sleep at night. $-) </p>

<p>:-& </p>

<p>I know right? Whats wrong with an engineer or MD? Funny story…when my S was little his MD, a female, was on vacation, I told him we were going to have to see another doctor. Dr Steve. S said “what do you mean Steve? Only girls can be Doctors”</p>

<p>Too funny! My daughter got in the car after a tough day in third grade and said, “Well Mom, I think we can rule out medicine!”</p>

<p>It really is exciting and I expect we will all miss this. I think as a mom we just want all their dreams to come true. In the meantime it’s grueling</p>

<p>LA Unifieds are CCM final MT auditions, they are over 2/9. I expect all decisions will be communicated within the next few weeks.</p>

<p>I’m right there with you!!!</p>

<p>Soooo…who holds the record for “Number of times I checked the ‘Check My Status’ page in one day?” I’m at about 10-15 times per day. LOL</p>

<p>Hold on I’m leaning against the door trying to see my S’s audition for summer stock, then I’ll check </p>

<p>I’m at least 5 :)) </p>

<p>Seriously just laughed out loud MTMajorCook! Thanks for the visual! I asked my D if she wanted me to call CCM (again) to see what’s going on. She said, “Mom, I don’t mean to sound mean, but you’ve already called so much, and I really don’t want them to associate me with you pestering them.” Ouch. </p>

<p>Seriously, you make me laugh! I am refreshing my CC button waiting to hear good news from my CC friends and I’m about to call CCM!</p>

<p>HAAAAAAAAA!!! DoReMiMom, step AWAY from the phone (you too, puma)! Since The D just auditioned on Tuesday, I shan’t start checking her status until next week! Okay…maybe I’ll take a peek now…</p>

<p>GSOMTMom I got so excited when I saw a new post (of course I have notifications turned on for it) and I thought you were going to say your D was accepted!!! I was jumping for joy for you already. This is too funny. If I thought I was insane before, I’ve definitely graduated to a new level of insane. </p>

<p>HAAA!!! Nope, sorry to get your hopes up! Hopefully, there will be good news for all VERY soon!</p>

<p>Son got rejected. Time to move on… I just wish all the schools would make their decisions at the same time.</p>

<p>Sorry to hear that musicmanmt…I just checked the page for the last time, and it’s a no for my D too. Hopefully it’s better news next time for us!</p>

<p>NOOOO!!! I’m sorry to hear that! Moving on. And unscubscribe or unfollow or whatever it is you need to do!</p>

<p>Thanks GSOMTMom. I’m definitely disappointed for her because it was one of the ones at the top of her list. After all the auditions she did, I’m hoping and praying for an acceptance or two from one of the other schools. :slight_smile: </p>

<p>Nooooooooo! Dangnabbit! Drat!</p>

<p>UGHGGH! Sorry guys, they’ll get great offers. Its sooo sooo tough this year. I keep hearing over and over how much tougher it is this year than any other.</p>

<p>S’s is still not updated.</p>

<p>Thanks MTMajorCook. This one stung a little, but it’s okay. Hoping she gets at least 1 or 2 more acceptances and ends up in the perfect place for her. I just know your S is getting in. Keeping my fingers crossed and sending prayers he’s accepted!!! :)</p>