So uhh, anyone else get that "UCB Math, Science, Engineering Coalition" Email?

<p>haha yes i searched through gmail and i did get that letter</p>

<p>they don't have hard feelings for those who don't go right?</p>

<p>Probably not; its not like adcom is going down a list ticking down who went =P</p>

<p>Are there different meetings? One for NorCal and one for Southern California?</p>

<p>Did anyone go to the Northern California UCB Math, Science, Engineering Coalition session on Sunday?
Did they give any hints about admission (either on record or off the record)?
Did they say anything about who got invited to this event?</p>

<p>I just want to point out that not getting the letter does not equal reject, since I didn't get it but did get in.</p>

<p>Did anyone go to the Northern California UCB Math, Science, Engineering Coalition session on Sunday?</p>

<p>We went and the first thing they said was they have nothing to do with admissions, they sent out 12,000 invites, and that "we" were all high achievers and would get into good schools.</p>

<p>shrinkrap, i was there too...
She did say that...however I find it hard to believe that 12,000 invites were sent out and only 250ish showed (multiply by 2 to add socal too)
also how many applicants are there to math+science+engineering in total (from california)? I would think "high achieving" meant exclusivity, however, i wouldn't think that many more than 12,000 even applied to these majors.
which makes me think they're just required by the admissions department not to give away info...or something</p>

<p>how are UC Berkeley's safety standards and programs (Bearwalk etc) important info for us for "other schools we are applying to"... the info was way too berkeley specific for just a random applicant pool in my opinion...</p>

<p>I thought of "CC" when she started with the "disclaimer"!</p>

<p>Let me first make it clear that I am a parent, then ask, any other thoughts about what you head? My H ( an alum ) was "sold", my D (still) wants nothing to do with it. D thinks too big & intense, H thinks they really sold how "supportive" this coalition is. He wants to compare all "contenders" to this benchmark.</p>

<p>Don't know how they picked the 12000 other than maybe test scores. My son got the E-Mail and went but he had put history, I think, as a major at Cal. He did have very good SAT I and II scores in math and science though.</p>

<p>With ~50000 people applying to Berkeley (I forget the actual number, its somewhere around there though), its certainly conceivable that 12000 applied to L&S or Engineering</p>

<p>yeah i got it and put undeclared and have less than average sat scores. I would love it to mean that these are the accepted people, but if it is true that about 50,000 applied and 12,000 got it, that would mean that 41% of people would have been accepted. It was probably California students and/or random</p>

<p>sorry maybe i misunderstood, but isn't 12,000/50,000 24%?</p>

<p>haha, i recieved the e-mail and went to the event as well, i also applied undeclared to only berkeley (im hoping the event was a positive :] ) , to the rest of the UC's i applied for engineering/comp sci, and my essays
did indicate that Computer Science was the major i intended to pursue.</p>

<p>omg im sorry i totally did the math wrong..haha i dunno exactly what i put in..sorry again! lol</p>

<p>I think that the email may be random. I got the email, too. My SAT I/II scores are far from great, seriously. My GPA could be better. I applied for Computer Science.</p>

<p>Well it seems not only math/science ppl got in, even history majors. So, it could mean something. 12000/50000 would make sense for Berkeley to accept. But how come only 12000 were called up. lol. Idc anymore. All we have to do is wait for 6 days and cry when I get *Decision: Rejected w/Honors *</p>

<p>i really doubt that this has anything to do with admitted students bc my stats put me in the "reach" pile for berkeley..and i got the email.</p>

<p>your a retard you definitely will be rejected no wonder you did not get email! ( OoPurestoO change it to OoStupidestoO)</p>

<p>received one last night</p>