Some NOOB ACT q's

ralec the site that you provided doesnt seem to work. anyways, thanks for the post


<p>I think you need to use a non-google chrome web browser.</p>

<p>No offense OP, but a 2200ish SAT probably won't translate to a 35. A 35 is quite an achievement.</p>

<p>^ Correct. A 35 would actually translate to ~2340.</p>

<p>@Viggy: the curve for math may seem harsh, but it really isn't. I generally find the first 40 questions on the math section to be simple algebra- much easier than SAT math in my opinion. It's the science curve that's too harsh.</p>


<p>I think the math curve is crazy tough for the ACTs. On my test I got 1 wrong and got a 35 on the math section (35 composite). Reading is ridiculous, too. I got 2 wrong on reading and got a 34 for that section..I don't exactly understand how that works but whatever.</p>

<p>The ACT curve is usually that "harsh" because it is so easy. The math questions are extremely straightforward; if you know the concepts and are good at math, a 36 is easy to get. The reading is a joke, especially compared to the SAT Critical Reading.</p>

<p>@bailey: silenceizsik's explanation is pretty much true. The reason the curves for those sections are difficult is because they are so simple most of the time. On the critical reading section of the SAT you can miss a few and still maintain a perfect score, but look at how much harder critical reading is than the ACT reading- the ACT doesn't require you to memorize thousands of vocabulary words or really even answer analytical questions, it just requires that you read a passage and then answer straightforward questions from that passage.</p>

<p>^ Lol, exactly. I remember my last ACT I finished the reading in 17 min :)</p>

<p>Well, reading's not easy for EVERYONE :(</p>

<p>^ On the ACT it is.</p>

<p>Not for me! :(</p>

<p>^It's probably just the time constraints throwing you off, as almost all of the answers can be found in the passage provided</p>

<p>Yeah... about that. If they gave me like oh 3 hours to do it, I could probably do better, but the whole point is to do it fast...</p>