Someone want to review my Stanford Essays?

<p>@ stockguru: For my roommate essay, I just got an urge to write and sat down and did it really quickly. It wasn't hard, but it did interrupt my homework time :P</p>

<p>As for my intellectual experience essay - I had known I was going to write on that particular topic for a while, but when I started writing it I had a pretty cool idea about how to write it...for me it just kinda came out...</p>

<p>i see haha. i'm having a rough time writing that intellectual experience one... i think i have the roommate one down pretty well though. how about the "why stanford"?</p>

<p>That one I haven't started yet :P It's going to be the hardest one for me to write well I think</p>

<p>That one is roughing me up... it's hard to talk about a school and why you love it without sounding extremely cliche. it's like colleges just want you to kiss their a** w/o sounding really repetitive.</p>

<p>Not applying to Stanford ^___^ PM~</p>

<p>no stanford. pm me</p>

<p>Because international admissions aren't need-blind, I certainly can't afford Stanford.
I don't have much experience in application essays, but normally I'm fine with most texts and essays. Just PM me, I'll try to help you.</p>

<p>Ill read it. Not applying to Stanford, i'm only applying to the UC's</p>

<p>Im not applying to stanford.. PM if you dont mind.</p>

<p>go ahead send it over..not applying for sure</p>

<p>not a senior so u can send it to me.</p>

<p>send it to mee</p>