Somerset County, NJ ?

<p>Hunterton County NJ, home of the "Mink and Manure set". (a Jersey insiders joke)</p>

<p>They represent some of the Italian portion of the state which is still a minority. In Hunterdon we laughed at those types.</p>

<p>Pretty amazing- the people who lived in NJ have a lot of positive remarks about the State but we always seem to get ripped in the stereotypical media portrayals.
By the way the upper middle class and above school systems are very good. Our urban districts are troubled. Many districts in Hunterdon and Somerset counties are very good.
I would look into Montgomery. Is the job located off of 287 and 202?</p>

<p>I PMed you some additional information, OP!</p>

<p>Somerset County is one of hte nicest place in NJ. When people come to visit, they are surprised by how much it looks like CT. Bernardsville and Far Hills are considered horse country. Property tax in those two towns are a lot lower than Basking Ridge. The reason is those towns have bigger homes (mansions) and they pay most of taxes. Ridge High is considered to be one of best public high school in the area, but property tax is also higher. Bernardsville High school is a regional high school and not as highly regarded as Ridge High.</p>

<p>Just north of Basking Ridge, there is Morris County with towns like Madison and Chatham. Both of those towns have great school systems, with easy commute into NYC.</p>

<p>If you are considering private schools in the area, New Vernon and Harding towns are great because the tax is a lot lower, probably 50% of Summit or Short Hills. Your saving from property tax probably could offset most of private school tuition, if you only have one kid.</p>

<p>D2 goes to one of those private schools listed above. D2 is going to be a junior next year, and we are moving to a new country and D2 will be going to a new school. I had an option of commuting and letting D2 finish high school here. But we decided as a family to take on a new adventure together. We think it will be a good experience for her to go to a new high school(new country) for 2 years. We don't think the new school will have as good of college counseling as her current private school, so we have decided to hire a private college counselor for her to help her choose classes and ECs in the new country. </p>

<p>More private schools - Kent Place (all girls), Far Hills Country Day, Newark Academy.</p>

<p>We love Somerset County. We will miss it. </p>

Wanna check out what a big portion of NJ is really like? Watch Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo. Not everyone is like these people. But enough are!


<p>I personally don't know anyone who talks or behaves like those housewives and I have lived in NJ all my life.(well, except for 15 years in NYC when we first got married).</p>

<p>I grew up in Somerset County and think it's a great place. I attended Catholic high school, if you are interest in that please PM me. Having said that;</p>

We're thinking of renting a place here for these next two years and having DH commute back as much as possible. Summers we would spend in NJ. Trying to figure out if the time would go fast and be a good compromise. The company has said that working remotely a week a month might be a possibility...


<p>That what we were going to do if Mr PMK recieved orders while PMKjr was in high school. Many military families wind up doing this, athough certainly not all. And this is exactly why;</p>

Selected to be editor of the paper next year, on the quiz bowl team (a big deal to her), and developing strong friendships with several teachers. She is tied for first in the class so far...


<p>Since your daughter is aiming high, as you know, she has to have ec's and leadership positions. No matter what school she attended in NJ, those roles are already filled for Junior year. </p>

<p>The time will go fast, I guarentee that but have you ever been apart for long periods of time? Having so many deployments under our belts, we knew living apart would not be a problem. You know your family best.</p>

<p>Somerset + next door Mercer County boast some of the best public HS's in the state. Montgomery and Ridge in Somerset County are both Top 25. Princeton, West Windsor-Plainsboro North and West Windsor-Plainsboro South in Mercer County are all in the Top 25 as well. There are plenty of private schools around the area including The Lawrenceville School, Hun, Princeton Day School, Pingry and Peddie. Somerset County also happens to be the 4th richest county in the U.S. by average household income.</p>

<p>OP: It strikes me that the real question you’re asking is to what extent and how a mid-high-school transfer might affect your D’s chances at elite colleges. That’s a legitimate question, but somewhat different from the question whether there are strong schools in the Somerset County area. </p>

<p>I also recall a thread you started a while back about the academic rat race and bare-knuckles competition at your D’s current high school. At that point, you were considering transferring her to an academic charter high school for the arts. Perhaps this move would provide that opportunity.</p>

<p>^ Well, she sort of grew into the competition and is doing well and with more equanimity than her older sibling for whom I think the sleep deprivation and stress were not good in the long run. They are all different. I thought my younger one was the more delicate of the two emotionally, but that is perhaps turning out to not be the case. This parenting thru the teens and young adulthood is quite humbling, I'm finding! Over and over again keep discovering that I'm wrong in my assumptions about my kids.</p>

<p>I've contacted Pingry and they have spots available and seem enthusiastic about having her matriculate in the fall. Lawrence School was completely full. Newark Academy is IB based and altho her current high school also has IB it is a more watered down version and there would be problems converting to the curriculum.</p>

<p>One very big downside to moving her is that the NJ schools (also spoke with Madison High) would not factor her gpa prior to coming to them. So her terrific grades to date would not factor into her gpa going forward. That's kind of lousy. Of course, the credits would all count. </p>

<p>DH is in talks with the company and they will compensate for flights back home over the next few years as well as allow him to work a fair amount remotely. Also just learned they will allow him to hold off on using the housing relocation package for at least a year. This all makes the plan to keep daughter and me in place more doable.</p>

<p>But no direction is perfect. What else is new???</p>

<p>Traveled back up to Somerset recently and liked even more. Very, very nice area.</p>

<p>Not from NJ but from an area where lots of families have done this. Dads working out of the area and coming home on weekends. From what I have seen I wouldn't recommend it. Being in a household with two parents who are physically together would outweigh the other factors for me.</p>

<p>I haven't read each post, so hope I didn't miss something critical. </p>

<p>Is the issue really the quality of the high schools, or your daughter's happiness ? </p>

<p>"We're thinking of renting a place here for these next two years and having DH commute back as much as possible. Summers we would spend in NJ." </p>

<p>I would say this is the win- win situation. Moving at this time could be pivotal for your daughter, and she suffers the brunt of moving, her life having the most disruption.
Two years goes fast-------the issue is really your daughters happiness ?</p>

<p>Thank you SouthJerseyChessMom,</p>

<p>It's how we are leaning. Two years is finite. We've been married 32 years. We are quite solid and have been thru a lot, believe we can navigate this. Appreciate the positive thoughts.</p>

<p>^^and, when she's enrolled at Princeton, Penn, Columbia, or one of the MANY wonderful , northeastern colleges and universities , you'll be in the perfect location!<br>
She is lucky to have such loving parents !</p>