Ssat score help!

Bruh- how do you memorize 1000 words a day?!!
I literally memorized 30 words a day (1700 ish words in total) and I still got an 800 on verbal. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for hard work, but there’s a difference between working hard, and overworking yourself.

@Lex6314 Your scores are amazing!!! I’m glad you submitted them in the end! :grin:

Yes. Submit. That pattern is not uncommon in strong STEM students. The overall score is great too. It would be a net positive to your application IMO.

I tried memorizing words for the first ssat I took, but my memory sucks. I had to write a billion essays while prepping for the second one, so I basically forgot everything lol.

Thank you! Good luck to you too! :smiley:

Thank you so much! :smiley:

did he get accepted?

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ayo!! did u get accepted to any?

This thread is interesting to me because many people seem to be downplaying verbal. Do AOs really not care about it or think scoring well is the result of memorizing lists? That sounds odd to me.

My kiddo scored exceptionally well on verbal and never took one look at any list. I’m sure many others do the same.

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The point is that some people focus on the scores, not understanding that AOs are looking at people, not scores.

The score is only one component. Some people will spend time retaking the exams - even if they’re already 95th percentile.

I would like to think that a well rounded student already has the vocabulary from reading over the years, and that the most useful test prep is familiarizing oneself with the test format and scoring.

@stalecookies I agree completely. I was simply surprised that people were making the assessment that some sections were more important than others. If AOs are looking at a test as one component of admissions, it seems odd that they would weigh entire sections as less than. I just don’t buy that. That was my only point.

The idea that kids who score highly on the verbal only do so by memorizing words rather than by being well-rounded readers was puzzling to see but of course everyone has an opinion based on their own experiences.

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There are a lot kids (and parents) who think they know things which they really don’t. Maybe an AO made an off hand comment that they are more impressed by the reading comp and math scores. Maybe. I do know that schools definitely look at each section. They absolutely are not looking at the overall % and being impressed/moving on. Of course, this is pre covid.

IMO memorizing a ton of word lists is not helpful. That isn’t how the vocab portion of the ssat is structured. There is a skill to getting those questions correct that is beyond knowing lots of definitions.


I agree with the words list part to an extent. I used word lists which helped me a ton with synonyms, but not with analogies. Analogies for me was really just analyzing the word structure.