St. Lawrence Univerity Chances

whats a chip?

Must be dad’s friend. A chip is a legacy at SLU.

Yeah Okay

I mean I have 25th percentile score my math was 590 and my sat reading was a 580 along with good subscores because my gpa is bad. I understand SLU is test optional but I think I should submit them.

I just don’t want my gpa to drop to a 2.6 if it does I don’t know if I have a chance as if I really want to attend slu. Do you think a reccomendation from an slu alumni would help maybe two ? @taverngirl

Should I apply ED If I am going to do a PG year will SLU allow applicants to defer a year if accepted ? Will it help admissions ? @taverngirl

You should call the admissions office and ask them directly if you should apply ED even though you are doing a P.G. year. My guess is that you should wait. Why are you doing a P.G. year? I think you’ll get in - just go. Especially if you are full pay and willing to commit E.D.

Do you think If I apply early decision with two alumni reccomendations and a good essay along with my stats would I be a strong candidate? @taverngirl

Will Slu allow me to defer a year as a ED applicant. I emailed them about the policy and they haven’t responded. I know it’s a commitment but will they allow it because My parents really want me to apply ED. @taverngirl

@patchy36 Sorry I haven’t responded to your messages; unfortunately I just don’t know the answers to your questions. I’m still confused about your application status. You are currently a senior, taking a PG year (attending high school?) so you have not applied at any of those schools, correct? I would definitely try to take the ACT or prep and retake the SAT because a higher score can only help your application. And if you are attending school your PG year, get as good grades as possible of course. ED sounds like it would be beneficial. It also might help to apply in an underrepresented major. As another poster said, full pay is good too. Lastly, make sure you find some safeties you love. It won’t be the end of the world if you do not get into SLU, really, though it may seem it now. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I’ll bump this so maybe others who are more in the know can see it and reply. Best of luck!

I took it again two weeks ago and It only gotten worse and I did a practice ACT and I did really bad on it. @taverngirl

Also I am a junior @taverngirl

Will a 82.5 gpa number be good for admissions for slu applying ed because I am really nervous of how it will go I have a 3 safteys SMC, Ohio Weslyan and Unh.

Do you think I would stand well academically at slu with my stats listed above. I really like the outdoors backpacking, skiing, etc. I am just not sure. @taverngirl