Stanford RD 2018 Discussions' Thread

<p>I keep psyching myself out. "My essays weren't good enough", "But I have a good hook", "But I don't have good enough test scores", "But they'll like my references". Is anyone else experiencing this? I just want the wait to be over.</p>

<p>^ Me too! I feel like I have enough hooks for it to be a 50/50, but that's most likely not realistic... :-S </p>

<p>Good luck to everyone!</p>

<p>So do I. Very unsure about it. Kind of in limbo. :( </p>

<p>@burtmacklin, I'm guessing you watch Parks and Rec?</p>

<p>And yeah, I go from times where I think that I might have come off really well to times where I think that I came off horrendously. </p>

<p>@jessecoleman I'm thinking the same! I sent them an update on March 1, thinking that somehow it would help. My stats aren't great and I have a few hooks and awesome recommendations but with acceptance rates so low there is no way to predict who's gonna get accepted. The top kid in my school got rejected from MIT and he had the grades, the EC's, and the recs albeit no hooks. </p>

<p>Another Kenyan here...Stanford is just so competitive. .my friend got in REA with 1950 URM though </p>

<p>My Cal Grant award shows Stanford as my "school of attendance." There's no option for students to select a 1st choice, the site's doing this by itself.</p>

<p>Trying to not read too much into this...</p>

<p>@my88keys sorry I am FBI. Can't disclose personal info.</p>

<p>hey so is march 28th a confirmed date or just a guess?</p>

<p>@lucyplayspiano The official date is April 1st. However, Stanford always releases decisions the Friday before. Sooo it's confirmed, just not on paper.</p>

<p>awesome! and hey, nice to meet you haha. I was also accepted to USC under presidential finalist :P</p>

<p>@lucyplayspiano Nice to meet you too :) I knew your username sounded familiar lol</p>

<p>stanford's gunna be my last decision notification haha...</p>

<p>@lucyplayspiano Second-to-last for me lol, I'll still have Pomona College to wait for.</p>

<p>WAIT so the date is secretly actually March 28?</p>

<p>@midnightdreary Well it changes each year, but yes.</p>

<p>Will Stanford eventually announce their revised decision notification date on their website?</p>

<p>If the notification date is truly March 28th I'm surprised this thread is so quiet. Good luck to all those who or anxiously waiting. </p>

<p>I sure hope decisions are released on March 28th and not on April Fool's Day... How cruel would it be if they pranked us with their admission decisions? Haha!</p>

<p>Not sure if they'll actually post in on the website. Lol I don't think they'd prank us though, since the point of the Friday notification is to ease anxiety. That would be evil. :P</p>