Student Taking Questions

<p>Regarding Meal Plans: I have the Ultimate, definitely think it's the best. I tried the Value last semester and it wasn't nearly enough. Obviously, it depends on your need, but I think that, at least for someone like me who eats at the various Cafes and the Union a lot, the Ultimate plan is the best.</p>

<p>As for freshman housing, freshman also get put in (in addition to Northwest) North, West, East, Towers, Shippee (for the honors kids), and I think McMahon too.</p>

<p>I sign up for idea that means</p>

<p>If a few extra hundred dollars (I forget what the exact difference is this year) isn't that big of an issue, I would 100% recommend the ultimate meal plan. It is undoubtedly the best....not only do you get unlimited meals to every dining hall (as the other plan), but you get 500 points (to use at Chuck & Augies, cafes, etc)'ll definitely want points!</p>

<p>As to MaryAnn's inquiry:
Certainly! UConn is comprised of approximately 25% out of state students! The campus is aimed at building a campus community in Connecticut, not simply for Connecticut. Out of state students have found the adjustment to the CT culture easy and wonderful. Hope that helped!</p>

<p>How is the Poli Sci deparment at uconn</p>

<p>I assume the Poli Sci department's real good....</p>

<p>My current AP Poli Sci teacher got her degree from UConn and she is amazing. (Ann Serow... her textbooks are used by thousands of institutions ~ The American Polity Reader)</p>

<p>Of course I'm biased I suppose.</p>

<p>The Political Science department (Im a part of) is great...especially if you're an honors student.</p>

<p>There are so many classes that you'll want to take and some amazing professors for intro/advanced classes!</p>

<p>How about the History program? </p>

<p>What majors are Uconn's best? Like highest quality.</p>

<p>Am I incorrect to think that UConn has a very strong Accounting program?</p>

<p>uconn has a very strong accounting program. The accounting department is known for placing students into strong and reputable industries. I know my friend has an internship in an international firm, and is planning on working there after graduation. i am not sure of the stats. in according to its rank with other colleges though.</p>

<p>Real Estate is #5 in US. We have the #1 Real Estate research professor in the world: C.F. Sirmans. Accounting is among the 30 to 40 target schools by the Big 4. The Big 4 are always giving tons of money to the Accounting department. The Management Department was ranked 3rd best by American Management Association. They should be, because they have Dr. Michael Lubatkin, who I think was ranked the best Management professor in the world (Google it because I am not 100% positive).....I can go on and on, but you get the idea. UConn Business is very very underrated. In 5 years you will see UConn jump dramatically in all the rankings.</p>

<p>How are the humanities though? Namely History? Non honors though.</p>

<p>The history program is strong, as well.</p>

<p>If I have a 3.0 GPA what should I shoot for on my SAT to have a chance or good chance to get in to UConn</p>

<p>a least with a 3.0 gpa.</p>

there is no real # on ur SATs to predict how well you'll do in college, seriously.</p>

<p>i know kids that got a 1500/1600 in 7th grade, went to exetor (spelling??), and then dropped out of a mediocre college.....</p>

<p>IN SUM, SATS TRULY MEAN NOTHING....BUT to the admissions board they do mean something. LOL. so try hard, but if you screw up, dont worry! just work hard all around, not just on ur SATs....</p>

<p>it's about who you are....not what the collegeboard says you are. just know that.</p>

<p>You don't get to take courses in the school of your major until Junior year. So are your first two years filled with fluff classes and are little more than a continuation of high school?</p>

<p>-The Fluffy Coot66</p>

You don't get to take courses in the school of your major until Junior year. So are your first two years filled with fluff classes and are little more than a continuation of high school?


Do you mean the school of business or pharmacy?</p>

<p>My take was that the above applied to all schools, unless you got into one of those special programs. Business for me, anyways...</p>

<p>-The Business Coot66</p>

<p>Well the two previoius questions are very concentration specific. Meaning, it will all depend on your major(s) and possible minor(s) at the University of Connecticut.</p>

<p>I know for a fact that students in the Pre-Pharm program take one pharm class in the fall (i believe), but take a variety of other courses including calculus, chemistry, etc.</p>

<p>For all those poli sci, english, sociology, history, anthropology, women's studies, and many other humanities majors, I have the answer to your question!!! lol.</p>

<p>you will take a variety of courses that DO NOT RELATE TO YOUR MAJOR. but please, do not be discouraged or turn away. Over the past two years I took courses that not only gave me a new diverse outlook, but let me think about the possibilities outside of Political Science.</p>

<p>i.e. i have taken courses in women's studies, anthropology, calculus, political science, sociology, physics (astronomy), psychology, queer studies, english, history, music, and a few others!</p>

<p>BUT, while there are requirements, you choose the classes!! And unlike high school there are countless classes to pick from.....and when you do, just a word of advice.....don't take classes that you think will be easy or one's that will look fabulous on a grad school application....take classes that truly interest you! because in the end....the education that you take from uconn is what matters...Not the grade in the class....ironic coming from such an overachiever, i know.</p>