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<p>I just went and checked out Somerville and it looks nice....and it says that starting fall 2010 it will be freshmen only. By pledging do you mean NPHC as well?</p>

<p>I was talking about the Ridgecrest South pictures.</p>

<p>All of the furniture comes standard with the room</p>


I believe Mom2 was referring to NPC Formal Recruitment. </p>

<p>NPHC has delayed recruitment, referred to as Membership Intake. A student must have accumulated at least 12 semester hours at a University before being considered for membership. That is a National policy.
NPHC</a> Greek Life at Alabama</p>

<p>UA housing defines the difference between some of the honors dorms as the pattern on the furniture being different. UA actually includes a good amount of furniture in the dorms which is nice. Ridgecrest South is the same way, the furniture is just in a more modern style than the other dorms, IMHO. I thought Somerville was slated for demolition, but apparently that'll be another year.</p>

<p>The three of us are freshmen. From Chicago you also have the option of United Express (Mesa, ExpressJet, and soon somebody else) nonstop from O'Hare, along with connecting in other cities.</p>

<p>*I thought Somerville was slated for demolition, but apparently that'll be another year.

<p>Is that true? I thought it was slated for remodeling like they did to Paty. </p>

<p>2smart2cute.... if you'll pledge NPHC in the spring, you might want to consider Parker-Adams since you'll be a bio major. This is a freshmen dorm for those in the College of Arts and Sciences <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>BTW...I hope you also applied for some scholarships for URMs; you're a strong candidate. :)</p>


<p>I was already familiar with that policy, just wanted to see if it mattered since all she said was pledging. Thanx for the extra clarification though :)</p>

<p>I was talking about the Ridgecrest South pictures.</p>

<p>Housing</a> & Residential Communities - The University of Alabama</p>

<p>That's the furniture that comes with the suite. </p>

<p>Each res hall seems to have a different "color scheme" of fabrics on the standard furniture.</p>


<p>Sorry, but what do you mean by URM.</p>

<p>URM - Under represented minority </p>

<p>I'm guessing that if you want to pledge NPHC that you're African American. Am I mistaken?</p>

<p>Yes I am African-American. I had just never heard anyone use the URM term before, learn something new everyday, huh!</p>

<p>*learn something new everyday, huh! *</p>

<p> old folks, too!</p>

<p>Ridgecrest South has a different layout than the other honors/new dorms, but all of them are pretty good. I've had the most fun in Lakeside though.</p>

<p>And yeah, I think Somerville and Mallet are scheduled to be torn down. Even if they're not, I wouldn't recommend them. If you can't get in the honors dorms and you don't want to live in Tut then I'd look at Burke.</p>

<p>And I'm a freshman/sophomore in standing.</p>


<p>Have you taken any AP credits?</p>

<p>ABR1190's post has reminded me how AP credits (or IB credits) can give a student a higher standing. Even though ABR1190 has only completed one semester at UA he has sophomore standing because of such credits. </p>

<p>My younger son, who also has only completed one semester, now has junior standing because of AP credits and foreign language credits.</p>

<p>This kind of thing helps a student either graduate early, or do a double major, or do a minor or two.</p>

<p>I have taken some AP classes but I didn't do very well on the tests. Maybe this year I will do better and will be able to submit my scores for some credit.</p>

<p>When you take your exams, bring your chosen school's code with you so you can put it on your AP form. Then your scores will sent (for free) to your college in July for college credit.</p>

<p>Your school counselor should be able to provide that code.</p>

<p>2smart2cute, look into CLEP exams. The are somewhat different from AP exams, but UA still offers credit for them.</p>

<p>m2ck, I don't think we can stress enough how generous UA is with AP/CLEP/transfer credit. By credits, I'm now a senior after one semester at UA.</p>

<p>It's not easy, but it's not impossible to study for clep if you have a decent understanding of the material, but no an expert or AP caliber necessarily?</p>


<p>Wow, and I thought my junior standing after a semester was excessive.</p>

<p>I took CLEP French and got 14 credits from it, while I'm sure I would have failed the AP, which itself only gives 3 or 4 credits. CLEP is not generally as hard as AP for any subjects. CLEP is very popular with the military (many test centers are on bases) and also in the 70's, but anyone can take the tests.</p>