Stupidest reason child won't look at a college

@NOVAGirl87 So, maybe you’re referring to Virginia Tech? It is helpfu! to identify what school you’re actually referring to. Some kids in many states don’t want to go to their state schools. The fear of a 2.0 high school experience is very easy to avoid at any large instate school, but tends to be as good an excuse as any to not apply somewhere. Good luck to your daughter!

JMU, so many students from her school go there. Good school, but she didn’t want to be among many of high school classmates again.

So S21 just finalized his decision to attend a school that when originally discussed in 10th grade responded with “that’s a dumb name, I’m not going there”. LOL


Forgot about that line from The Blind Side but yes, my D21 ruled out any school with orange as one of their colors!
How the school logo looks on a sweatshirt also very important to her.