Substance-free housing?

<p>I recommend against it. Personally for me, I feel like I have to take responsibility for not drinking under 21 or smoking or using drugs. I can't avoid it forever.</p>

<p>I was sub-free and absolutely loved it. The number one reason? Our dorm smelled great all year (at least, substantially better than the others) and was always clean. Which is so good to come back to.</p>

<p>I find it so weird to hear about "dry campuses" ... my school's a wet campus where the ra's have explicit rules on alcohol for freshmen floors (so long as you're being safe, and the door is open, they couldn't care less if you have alcohol in your room).</p>

<p>But to the topic of sub-free housing- they're hit or miss at my school. Some floors are weirder than weird, others are normal.</p>