Suggest LACs for a junior humanities girl?

Grinnell is 53 minutes from Des Moines and Williams is 58 minutes from Albany. I don’t think many people would argue that they are remote.

I guess it’s remote verses rural. Grinnell, Williams and Kenyon are all great rural schools with access to cities.


I guess that’s right. For true remoteness, you can’t beat Whitman. Almost 3 hours to the great metropolis of Spokane, WA. It’s out there.

It’s semantics at the end of the day, but when you drive to Williams you don’t feel close to anything. I can’t speak to Kenyon, though everyone I know who’s been there has come back with consistent reports along the same lines. For those kinds of schools, campus life has to be the main thing and you have to be happy with that.

I’ve read a few threads in which some parents are trying minimize Whitman’s distance from … everything … with “well, the flight to Seattle isn’t too bad at all and the airport is super convenient …” If you have to fly, it’s way out there. Why deny it? It is what it is. Some kids will actually like that aspect of the school.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions everyone! I really appreciate it! <3 <3

Also, I’m horrible at CC formatting so hopefully this uber-lengthy reply works…

I really love Macalester! I will def EA there. I’ve only heard of Wooster in passing so I’ll look into those! Thank you!

I really like Haverford/Pitzer/Scrips/L&C! ! Will read more about the others. Also the locations of Carleton and St. Olaf are fine imo, since I’d be able to go to the Twin Cities if I really wanted to. I love Carleton but conflicted abt applying because I’m worried about my college list having mainly schools that are really selective and I don’t want my app season to be painful lol

WRT the replies about Kenyon – I know it’s pretty remote but I’ve read about Kenyon a lot and really love it and feel like the pros outweigh the possible con of it’s location. I will probably visit this summer. (If only the residential workshop there accepted me… Still bitter.)

I read more about Dickinson after this reply and it looks great! Tysm for the info about the single room accommodation (I saw someone on Reddit mention a similar accommodation at MoHo so excited about that). Also interesting that they’re test blind.

Definitely applying to Smith! Also your daughter has good music taste hehe :slight_smile:

Reed was actually one of the first schools I was interested in while looking at colleges; I am mostly worried about the deflation people have talked about there regarding my GPA for law school, but I’ll still definitely EA there. Might visit this summer.

I’ve never heard of Warren Wilson! Looks really cool.

Right now my favorites of these are Smith, Bryn Mawr, Macalester, Kenyon, and maybe Oberlin and Mount Holyoke. Also Haverford and Carleton though I feel as if they’re more selective (?) than the others listed. Vassar and Wesleyan also very cool and I like the more flexible distribution reqs at both. Thanks again for the replies everyone!