<p>@rectangleshorts and Cali Trumpet: Thanks for both of your advice. It truly helps! And I thought the outdoor adventure hall sounded insteresting, so that's why I wanted it- I want to explore the outdoor opportunities at UCSC, not necessarily "get high". It's kind of a bummer that It's not guaranteed. So, they really just will put you in random halls that you specifically declined to wanting? That doesn't seem too fair.</p>

<p>^Yeah, I specifically requested not to be in the women's hall, but they put me here anyways...
If someone requests a hall like that, they have to create it, and so since there was a women's hall, they had to fill it up.
But I'm sure if you put outdoor experience as your "most preferred", then there is a chance you will be put there. I think most people probably put "neutral" or whatever the option is and so they ended up in random halls like substance free or quiet hall.</p>