Summer Courses

<p>I wouldn't take any summer classes. Start college with everyone else in your same class at the same time, the right way, in fall=)</p>

<p>Just so everyone is aware, I have decided not to take summer classes. Hopefully this thread can help other students who are in the same situation as myself. Thanks again everyone-except Novatroll whose comments go unread on my screen.</p>

<p>If you live in or near Madison, and would like to begin using the SERF and the NAT facilities this summer, it's just $15 for students who are not enrolled in summer session. You can bring the $15 and either your WISCARD (UW student ID) or your letter of acceptance and driver's license to the SERF or the NAT to start working out. If you like, you can obtain your WISCARD/student ID early (if your SOAR session is later this summer) at the WISCARD office in Memorial Union - be sure to bring your driver's license and a copy of your letter of acceptance to UW-Madison.</p>

<p>Good decision and best of luck.</p>