Summer music festivals 2021

Sewanee Music Festival is in person as well. June 18-July 18

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He will kill me if I send him to the woods for 6 weeks, ha! Next year we will be much more on this, he is just a freshman so we have time yet!

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@helpingthekid73, you may be surprised, “indoor” music kids love summer festivals!

Ha! He went to Greenwood Junior camp one year and it rained the entire two weeks, I have never seen a kid with so many mosquito bites! I think it scared him for life!

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A shameless, brazen plug for Kinhaven. My son LOVED it there. The campus is pastoral, gorgeous. There is a ton of fun camp spirit, plus great music. Lots of fun, silly camp traditions. The food is fantastic too. He did two sessions of junior, and two of senior (I think). Was supposed to go for one last hurrah last summer, but Covid cancelled that. The level of music instruction and performance is high, without being cut-throat competitive.


D23 is heading to EMF this summer, any other EMF parents here?

My son was at EMF the summer before last. He LOVED it!

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@greyhoundgirl, glad to hear he enjoyed it! What part of the experience did he like the most? Was he in HS or college when he was there? Thank you!

So my S24 is getting desperate to leave the house this summer and we just heard that New England Music Camp Chamber Music intensive is still taking flutes. He is willing to brave the outdoors and Maine! Anyone have any experience?


Old experience and not with flute. Both of our kids went to New England Music Camp for three summers each. Very fine program and a good blend of excellent music and camp sorts of things. Mine went from after grade 8 to after grade 10.


excellent! It looks great and if he gets out of my hair for two weeks and has fun I am thrilled!


Walden School in Dublin NH has an online info session for prospective students on 5/25. Go to their website for more info.

Walden is an award winning 6 week program culminating in performances of student compositions by renowned musicians with comments by a well-known guest composer. The program also includes many classes on musicianship, electronic music, music history, theory etc. and includes hiking, dances and other recreational activities.

Sorry for the delay in responding. He went the summer after he graduated from high school (before he went off to college). I asked him your question about what part of the experience he liked most. As soon as he responds, I will let you know.

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He said he loved being able to study with world class famous musicians, see incredible musicians perform, and share the experience with other like-minded student musicians who love music and their craft as much as he does.

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@greyhoundgirl, this is helpful! I appreciate it!

Hope it will be a good experience for my D too, people are saying very positive things about the EMF. Interlochen summer program reviews are more polarized - people love it or hate it, I noticed. I was just curious.

We love the fact that EMF is a short drive away from ATL - hoping to see some of the concerts.

Hi everyone, I have a somehow urgent question about Atlantic music festival.

We just got the acceptance email from them a week ago, and yesterday was the deadline.

I really would like to find out if it’s a safe environment for 13 years old girl since it will be on campus at Colby College( not to mention that it’s her first time to be away from home).

I tried to reach out to the admission and coordinator, but the response had been very slow.

We already paid large amount of deposit, but I need more information before making other payments…

Programs know they are liable for kids under 18 and make provisions for their safety. I would feel secure about it. One of mine went to a dance program at Bates in the summer and they were supervises. Certainly call to set your mind at ease, but I would not worry too much.

Thank you for the advice. I got hold of program coordinator, and they ensured that she will be in a safe environment. I also found out that due to Covid, they don’t allow parents to enter the campus which is actually good to know because it assures that students are protected from outside strangers.

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Hi - can anyone comment on the dress code for Interlochen Summer Intensives? Is it truly fingertip length for shorts? My daughter leaves tomorrow and we are having a hard time finding longer shorts/skirts to pack. Thanks for any input!

Isnt it crazy that it is hard to find longer shorts for girls? Buy mens/boys shorts or go to athletic stores and get golf shorts, they should be longer.