Summer Science Program (SSP) 2021

I’m also a Chinese student (applying for astro). I’m sure it’s hard to determine your chance of admission merely based on test scores and activities… essays and recs play a big role in my opinion.
I personally don’t have any huge olympiad awards or groundbreaking research. I do love math and physics a lot, and had several small science/math awards.

Hey! Can anyone explain to me what this thread is? I’m looking for good science programs to do this summer but I don’t really know what I’m doing haha

This is a discussion thread for the Summer Science Program for those interested/applying in 2021. The Summer Science Program is a 5.5 week long program with four different campuses (but this year, it’s online). Find more information here: SSP Website. There are two deadlines for applying: the domestic, non-international deadline is March 5th. The international student deadline has already past.

Should I include a 4 in AP Physics C Mechanics or would it hurt me more than help? I self-studied this for context

It would help IMO. 4 is respectable score and physics C is good course. Self studying would add to it. It definitely wouldn’t hurt your application so it can only help.

It is said on their website that Self Studying any course is Not Accepted in their application process

Hey! International student from India here, but it sucks doubly coz I’m also a sophomore

Oh yah forgot about this. Your right.

Self studying a course in school is not accounted for, but you may report the test. For example, self studying AP Biology does not let you check the ‘biology’ box on the application.

Is SSP a good program? I’ve head people say that it is better than Beaver works which I believe is pretty prestigious. Also, has anyone got their decisions yet?

I am personally not familiar with Beaver works but SSP is definitely very prestigious (and enriching), from what I’ve heard. I am an international applicant and decisions are supposed to be out next week (acc. to SSP Staff). The decisions for US applicants are released around mid-April.

Thank you so much that helped a lot!

does anyone know when admission decisions would come out for international applicants? It seems like it should be sometime around here…

It is most likely going to be sometime this week : )

The 2020 SSP admission decisions for international students were released on Mar. 20th.

Will tomorrow be the so longed for day for international students?

Not guaranteed. I emailed them and asked whether the decisions will come out this week or next, and they said “decisions will be announced as soon as they are final. We don’t know exactly when.”

When did you send this email? That’s awful.

It’s not awful, he was just asking.

Haha, no. I meant it was awful that we will not know when they will release the decision. It’s amazing that Cabra03 was brave enough to send it.