SUNY Purchase Dance major, acceptances

Thank you!! @Dancer32 Good luck!!! This has been a brutal process!!!

Is there anyone who still has not received their decisions yet?? … should my daughter reach out to her counselor again??

We haven’t gotten a decision

Oh thank you for replying !!!
Hopefully we will get something soon!!!

Good Luck! Keep us posted!

My d heard on Friday from Purchase. The bummer is that she is wait-listed. I don’t know why accept there was a problem with her transcript being incomplete and the advisors were on spring break at the high school so they didn’t jump on it. She got in Indiana which is super selective but not Purchase. Go figure! We wanted Purchase because it is more affordable and close to home!

Oh no! but Congratulations on Indiana!
Believe it or not we are still waiting. We did get an email stating that they were behind but trying to get responses as soon as possible…

Our email was found in our Spam folder. I would check there. For waitlisted students there is no update in the portal, just the waitlist email.