Surviving Cal Engineering

<p>two years ago in the fall e7 was taught by both professors (2 separate lecture sections listed, but professors would switch off teaching the entire day's class). frenklach sucks, spring is easier I hear. the averages in spring are higher (but the overall gpa curve is similar probably).</p>

<p>what questions do you have about bioe?
- taking e10 (instead of bioe10) should be okay. bioe10 used to suck, but the normal professor is on sick leave so I don't know what's happening with that
- start thinking about what track you might be interested in
- pm me if you have more specific questions</p>

<p>BioE 10 was a lot easier last fall than it ever was previously; I don't know if that was because Conboy was out on sick leave, or if she just made the curriculum easier, or anything else, because I took E10, but comparing problem sets etc. from previous years to those my friends had last year showed a very significant gap.</p>

<p>E10 is interchangeable with BioE 10, though.</p>