Swimming Recruit Chance? (Free Cookies)

<p>Asian Male
5'11, 160 lb</p>

<p>3.75 GPA
2190 SAT</p>

100 Breastroke: 1:01.28 (Best Event. Qualified for NY All State. Will compete at Buffalo)
50 Freestyle: 23.36 </p>

<p>No legacy/relationships with the coaches</p>

Ivy's + Northwestern, John Hopkins, Duke... etc.</p>

<p>Are you a junior? Probably need to bring the 100 breast down to sub 1:00. More likely to match the times for JH, NW, Brown, and Dartmouth than others on your list.</p>

<p>NW--nope, Duke--Nope, Ivies--B, Cornell, Dartmouth, maybe. JH-- yes if you drop a bit more on br, but the 50 fr is slow for top D3 school. </p>

<p>Fill out the questionnaires and see what responses you get. The coaches are gearing up for conference championships/ NCAA and any final RD spots for this year so you may not get a substantive answer for a couple of weeks...</p>

<p>Great times but not good enough to be recruited. Have you looked at the meet results for the schools you want to go to? Many schools have club teams that have swimmers that have impressive times but don't want to commit to D1 or D3 schedules. My daughter was a year round swimmer and joined crew freshman year and 4 years later it is her passion. Look into that, athletes from various sports tend to navigate to it.</p>

<p>Edit: My daughter said she would rather swim a 400m long course IM than row the 6k? in the spring, that the 400 would be easier even wearing ankle weights.</p>

have you considered looking at the NESCAC schools
Williams,Amherst and or Middlebury
Great academics and very competitive athletically</p>

<p>Crew loves swimmers as both sports get athletes that are self motivated and push through the pain--and work incredibly hard.</p>

<p>Times are on the slower side for the top NESCAC (WAM)--check Bates, Colby, Trinity, Tufts.</p>

<p>Check collegeswimming.com for times in the conferences you're interested in - you can search times by conference and by school. You'd need to be in top 16 to score points at their meet, so you want to be close to that. I'm thinking you need to be well under 1:00 in the breast and 21 or so in the free.</p>

<p>That is one nice thing about sports like swimming, golf, track, cross country, you can check the statistics for the various schools where you would like to apply and see if you can compete at that level. Go to their websites and see what their current swimmers are posting for times. If your times are better, pretty good chance you can make that team.</p>

<p>Take a look at Vassar and Swarthmore. Strong academics and both have swim teams.</p>