Syracuse Class of 2026 - Waitlist

Congrats! Could you share what school you got in to and any details to help those of us still hanging on for dear life to any hope of getting in? Thank you so much!

Thank you! I’m currently enrolled to the University of Dayton. Syracuse first contacted me though email and there’s a form that leads you to a simple yes or no answer choice, with your SID, name, and email. They also texted me about the confirmation and from there you’ll receive what financial aid you’ll have. While on the waitlist I sent in an extra teacher recommendation, but my LOCI was sent way later, in the beginning of May. I havent recieved any awards at the time. However, I used that as leverage to let them know about my determination to learn more and hone my skills. One of my examples was donating blood twice despite my fear of needles, but was one donation short of earning a red cord. Despite that I now know my worth in donating blood and will donate plasma(I have an appointment early June)! Another is talking about my future career goal and how my chosen major can help be a step along the way by listing what’s provided in the course, and connecting that to the skills of the career. I also included stalking their youtube admission channel and virtual sessions. I guess you can talk about what you’re planning on giving to the community over the summer. I tried to make it a personal, yet formal because LOCIs are a great way for admission to see you as a person with your own goals rather than just your application. I sent my LOCI to the dean of admissions and the admission counselor assigned to my county. I also pretended that I was already accepted, because fake it til you make it! Sorry if my post is messy, but if you want any more details, I’ll be happy to answer!


Proof ig


Congrat on admissions, even if you aren’t going! We’re you admitted into the College of arts and sciences?


Yes, I was! I was going to major in Forensic Science.

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Congrats!! And thanks for sharing! Valuable info for us to know that aid is still a small possibility.

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Anyone else still waiting to hear from Syracuse? When I told them I wanted to be on the waitlist, they said June 1st is the date they start sending out acceptances or denials. That was the last thing I’ve heard from them and it’s been 2 weeks since June 1st. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I applied to the Newhouse School instead of some of the other schools that I’ve been seeing in this thread.

They over enrolled this year resulting in not enough housing.

Well it’s all still up in the air. I still haven’t heard back. If they had over-enrolled, they would’ve told us via email by now.

So if they have reached full capacity in a school or program they will email applicants to say the waitlist is closed ?

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Still waiting on the waitlist… does anyone know what the latest day we will know if we are off?