Syracuse Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Stats that got me into Syracuse University ED:
GPA: 3.43
No scores
Notable classes taken: Business Calculus, Statistics, Environmental Science, Physical Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology (All concurrent enrollment courses)

EC’s: President and founder of JSU club at school, 3 years of foreign language, Homeless shelter volunteer, Part-time junior counselor at sleep away camp, Member of and held several leadership positions at non-profit organization for 4 years, Choir member for 4 years, Nonprofit intern for 10 months, babysitting for 6+ years, synagogue counselor for 6+ years, 4-H healthy living ambassador for 3 years

Demonstrated interest: Had an alumni interview, emailed my admissions counselor with questions, attended several virtual information sessions, no tour/visit prior to acceptance

Applied to Maxwell school of civic engagement; Political Science major

Does anyone have stats for getting into Falk for Sports Analytics or Management? Thanks.

Syracuse is one of the top schools, if not the top school my daughter wants to go to. She is considering applying ED to Syracuse since other applications for regular decision aren’t due until January. But I am nervous about it because we need enough aid to get the price down to a maximum $40K to be in our price range (what we saved, loans, plus what I can budget each month).

If one applies ED and is accepted, does Syracuse offer financial aid then or do they make you wait?

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from what I heard, they give out financial aid after one week from decision

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Hey, current student here. Even though I did not ED, I got into Newhouse last year with a 94 w (about a 4.1 w, probably a 3.6 uw) and a 1390 with decent extracurriculars. While I had good stats, I have a friend who got in with a 3.2 uw last year and no scores. My roommate got a scholarship (15k/yr) and he had a 3.8 w and a 1330 into Engineering. If you have a 3.5 uw, you’re very likely to get in. Even lower, it’s still possible, since Syracuse does a holistic review. Also, there are all types of people here and you’ll love it here if any of you are apprehensive. You all are making a great choice applying ED to Cuse.


My stats that got me in (ED2, Merit scholarship of 15k/year):
4.25 gpa
1280 SAT

EducationRocks(4 yrs), dance marathon(1), interact club(1), expeditions club(1), premed club(1), key club (2), kids for wish kids (1)
300 community service hours
4 years of varsity cheer, (captain sr year)
2 years of varsity lacrosse
science honors society, rho kappa honor society, spanish honor society.

worked as a camp counselor for a 2 years

notable classes:
IB English, AP psych, APUSH, AP gov, AP bio, AP compsci, AP human-geo, calculus, 2 years of spanish, honors neuroscience. All other classes were honors.

Interest: attended a few info sessions, emailed with Chris Anderson.

Applied to Maxwell school of citizenship and civic engagement as a sociology major.

I think they give out aid a week or two after, but also, I think they allow you to decline your ED acceptance if you can’t afford it with the aid given.

I am so nervous for the ED to come out. Did anyone else ED to Whitman?

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I ED to Falk. I’m freaking out

I ED to ECS… gosh the nerve is killing me…

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same ugh doesn’t Syracuse ED come out late too

yeah… I think it will come out before Christmas eve though.

I wanna say it will be the 17th this year

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me too that’s my prediction

I hope so…

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Does anyone know if syracuse requires us to submit our first marking period grades?

I’m not sure but our high school automatically sends them out to any ED or EA schools.

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I don’t think that it’s required but if you get deferred then I think you have to

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