Taking AP Physics C E&M online


I am interested in taking ap physics c electricity and magnetism online during the next school year.

What platforms are available for taking the class online?

Thanks in advance for the input!!

You should definitely use educator.com. I had no prior knowledge in Electricity & Magnetism before I started using this website. After studying with Professor Fullerton comprehensively, I felt confident during the exam and easily pulled a 5 on the E&M exam.
It costs around $30/month, but it’s definitely worth it.


@ThatFluteGuy I know of that site. I would like to take the class online so I can get an official transcript for my school so I can add something to my gpa. Do you know of any official classes online that would give me this?

Thanks for the input!

Hahaha, I had your same problem. I look at online sources and most of them cost around $100 per three months or something like that if you want them on your official Transcript. Forget online.

Here’s what I did. Back in February when my school was doing course selections, I told my Guidance Counselor that I want to get credit for AP Physics C but am unable to take it online. So they said they would be able to assign me to a teacher certified to “teach” the course, and so I would basically sit in one of his classrooms and be a one-person class. If I’m lucky, it would be during his Planning Period. If unlucky, I would have to sit in say a Chemistry Honors class and sit quietly and study. The purpose of this would be so I can have someone who can fairly grade my free response and have access to official practice exams. (although, to be honest, since AP Physics C so rarely undergoes course revisions, you could take a MC exam from the 90’s and it would still be accurate to the actual exam)

Ask one of your Assistance Principals, Guidance Counselors, and Physics teacher to find out whether this is okay.

Ha. My school does not have anyone qualified to teach the course.

How exactly do grades work if you do something like this? @ObitoSigma

@OBXPLOSION Depends on whatever you can negotiate with your guidance counselors and the school board. My school year starts tomorrow, and I was assigned to a “study hall” that my school board county enforced in all regional public schools (although still called “AP Physics C: M” on my schedule). For example, I might get my instructor to evaluate my proficiency in understanding course material and free response (since he will be grading my free response).

Oh okay, thanks. I had the same problem as other people in this thread and I was trying to figure out if I could possibly take/study this my senior year (I will be a Junior next year), so I was just trying to figure out how it worked so I could try and explain how something like this could work. @ObitoSigma

I have a lighter senior year schedule so I self studied it this summer and will be doing a lot of problem solving at night. :slight_smile: