Temple MedScholars Program Interview II

<p>1) Has anyone else on here gotten the second interview for Temple's MedScholars program?</p>

<p>2) How many people are (on average) cut from the program after the second interview</p>

<p>3) If someone is in the program this year, how is it as a whole, and would you recommend it?</p>



<p>sup yo. i am going to have an interview with temple for the duquesne/temple program in a couple weeks.</p>

<p>its the second interview in the process, and the final one....the first was with duq ppl, this one is with temple ppl.</p>

<p>do you think they are all that diff? i know temple has like 4 progs. temple/temple, duq/temple, w&j/temple and i think one other one.</p>

<p>ooo i thought there was only temple/temple.. i have never heard about the others. I will see you there though on march 19th i think lol. i heard from the second interview they realllllly take mostly everyone. whatd you guys think about the first interview, was interesting, right?</p>

<p>yea the first interview was definitely interesting to say the least. nice to see that they take 'mostly everyone' from the second interview. I'll see both of you there</p>

<p>I knew duquesne and temple had a program together, but I couldn't stand going to duquesne for 4 years Undergrad.</p>

<p>jenc, you going to the honors day thing for temple on the 18th by any chance?</p>

<p>hmmm, I didn't realize there was one lol... I've been getting so much useless mail that when I get something real I sometimes end up skipping over it. I wasn't planning on going I guess.. evil: are you waiting on any other med programs?</p>

<p>do u need to take MCAT for temple medical? any requirements</p>

<p>hmm im pretty sure that you do have to, and i think its something like you have to get atleast a 9 or 10 in each section.</p>

<p>the temple interview for duq/temple is at west penn (temple affiliate) in pittsburgh, so i dont have to go all the way to phili, but i wont see you guys either. </p>

<p>btw my first interview was really chill, but then again it wasnt with temple, it was with duq.</p>

<p>jen - the only reason i'm goin on the 18th is cause its one day before the 19th, so its not like i'll be making another trip out to philly for anything. I'm waiting for decisions from UPitt, Drexel, Brown, and Temple. every other place that I applied to I got flat-out rejected.</p>

<p>highflyer - there is an MCAT requirement of some kind, i'm thinking 8-9 in each section, but it doesn't influence whether you get into the program or not.</p>

<p>i didnt get the second interview ...i thought the email they sent earlier was for it ...ahh confusing and let-'downing'...guess bs md is not 4 me</p>

<p>evilboy... someitmes i think the med programs are really random. like it makes no sense how u can get accepted into one, and not even interviewed at another. like how in the world did i get a second interview for temple, when i didn't even get a first at some other places.</p>

<p>exactly, I think the same thing.</p>

<p>I sometimes believe that they just sit there with a dart board with our names on darts, and throw them at the board.</p>

<p>the people with higher SAT scores have a couple darts, closest to the bulls-eye get in.</p>

<p>I'd imagine its the same with these programs, seeing as how for pitt, there are over 100 interviews, and 10 acceptances.</p>

<p>idk, as long as I get into one of them, I'll be happy.</p>

<p>lol i know what you mean evilboy. im sure you'll find out soon enough, gl!</p>

<p>I'd like to update this for highflyer - the earlier info about MCAT stuff was incorrect.</p>

<p>temple requires at least a 30 on the MCAT, along with maintaining a 3.5 UG GPA. the 30 on the mcat IS required for admission into the medical school. </p>

<p>Just thought I'd clear that up</p>

<p>so how did everyone think they went? i thought it was nice, relaxed, enjoyable...</p>

<p>every single person I talked to said they thought it went well.</p>

<p>like 6 or 7 of us at the end (all Indians, save like one guy from Widener college) sat down and just discussed random ass things. It was pretty nice.</p>

<p>it was weird cause 2 of the kids were there for temple's early assurance, where you apply after 2nd year of college before MCATs for a "guaranteed" admission into the temple medical school.</p>

<p>idk, I hope I get in though, cause temple UG and med school look and sound quite appealing.</p>

<p>yeh.. i thought it went well too</p>

<p>yeah, surprisingly my experience had 0 indians. there were a couple college students there for the early assurance. maybe this interview was just to make sure you werent crazy. <em>hopeful</em></p>

<p>when do we hear back?</p>

<p>sometime this week apparently</p>