Temple University Class of 2026 Discussion Thread

Congratulations! Was there any mention of a merit award?

no mention of any FA. But to be honest, I cannot imagine he is a contender for any merit.

Accepted to Temple - Fox School of Business and Management for MIS
Decision received 9 days after complete application was submitted
ACT 32


Was there any mention of merit scholarships in your acceptance letter?

Not yet . Honors college acceptance and merit scholarship decisions will be informed later.

My daughter applied 10/13 and was accepted 10/26. No mention of merit yet. OOS

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Congratulations on your acceptances! My daughter applied 9/19 and is still anxiously waiting. She applied for Architecture in Tyler. Does anyone have any idea on when we can expect to see those acceptances?

For those that got accepted what did it say in the portal? My DD’s says application 1: university acceptance and above that says admitted but the next steps checklist is still not checked off so I’m confused as to if she was accepted or it just means they accepted her application and are reviewing it. Thanks

That’s how my son’s portal looks too. He was admitted on 10/22, and I still don’t think that the next steps are checked off. The first item under next steps in his portal says “Your official Admissions Decision Letter is available now. Click here to view.” His admission letter was there, but it’s still not checked off or anything. Maybe a day or two later, he got a congratulatory email from Temple. Last week or the week before, he got a sort of acceptance/welcome packet in the mail.


Thanks! It now shows she was admitted and you are able to view the acceptance letter!


Is the portal down for anyone else?
Says we can’t load your application at this time….

I know that you asked the question several hours ago, but my son’s portal is fine. Maybe yours has righted itself by now?

Accepted to College of Science and Technology for Biology Major
Temple received my application 10/27, accepted on 11/12

1370 SAT
Strong leadership positions in extracurricular activities and work experience

Does anyone know when merit scholarships will be announced? Not sure if my stats are good enough for scholarships, but I am curious regardless since I am OOS.

I found Temple to be pretty stingy with Merit. Last year my son (in-state) was given 10,000 and he had a 1520 sat and was ranked 2nd in his class.

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From what I can discern from reading the forums of previous years yes, I would expect you to get merit money. No one seems to have heard anything on merit scholarships yet this year.

My son applied on the 30th and was admitted into Klein on the 12th. Also waiting on merit money as we, too, are oos.

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My son, instate, got acceptance through portal today, Sunday morning.
Test optional, 3.5 GPA. Not expecting any scholarship or fund. He likes Philly, we will see.

Our experience with merit scholarships to public schools is that they are far more generous with OOS applicants than in state. My oldest went to UMD (in state) and received a $5,000/year scholarship. SAT score of 1510 and class rank of 11/400(ish). My daughter now goes to UMD with no merit scholarship. She had a 1490 SAT and was top 10 in her class. One of her roommates is OOS and received $15,000/year merit from UMD with a lower SAT score, GPA, etc. My daughter, however, had received a $20,000/year merit award from Temple (OOS for us). It seems that since in state students pay a lower tuition amount, the schools are less inclined to award them merit aid. At least that is what we have gleaned from our experiences.


Thanks for this @spidermom03! We are OOS as well, but my son’s stats are 1290 SAT and 3.5 GPA so I don’t expect any merit after reading this thread. But I guess it’s possible.

In the past, Temple has given merit to people in that range, particularly oos. Remember that Temple gives merit as low as $1000 a year. A 3.5 GPA and a 1290 SAT are above average so don’t be surprised if they offer something.

That’s great to hear, @crawljumper11! Fingers crossed.