Temporary Housing at TAMU

I am an incoming freshman, and I currently have temporary housing status, I would prefer to live on campus. Does anyone have any experience with temporary housing? For example, the furniture given, bathrooms/showers, privacy, & roommates. Do you know when you get moved into permanent housing? any information is greatly appreciated!!


Temporary housing is for a very short time. You could even be assigned to permanent housing over the summer.

Dorm rooms become available all of the time with people who were accepted, applied to housing but then change their minds on attending and various other reasons. Once move in week is over (though move in days are extended longer this year but details not determined/released), dorms will open up because of no shows.

They usually have everyone placed in permanent housing within the first couple of weeks of school. Yes, you have privacy and typically in a room by yourself. TV rooms, study rooms etc are converted into dorm rooms. You will have access to bathrooms/showers etc. People (mostly moms) freak out about “temp housing” but the uni has been very successful for years in assuring privacy and getting you in permanent asap.

Be flexible and roll with it. It is in times out of our comfort zones that we grow. Know that going to college isn’t a resort experience. A lot of parents these days see it that way too often which only adds more stress for their kids.