The 2023 MOB/MOG dress extravaganza!

@oldmom4896 here you go!

Post all of your dress questions, links and hand wringing on THE SECOND MOST IMPORTANT DRESS! :joy::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

After the brides of course!


Thank you, @deb922! Later, gators!

I will be a MOG in Oct or Nov in Honolulu. No word yet on what bride requests for attire.


Very exciting!

My second child is engaged but no wedding date has been set. I thought it might be early 2024 but the engaged couple has yet to make any decisions.

It’s ok, they have lots of things to worry about at the moment.

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I am MOG this November and MOB some time in fall 2024. Currently waiting on guidance from bride for this year’s dress. She recently told me that her mother bought her MOB dress the day before her sister’s wedding!

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When my son was married, the MOB took a long time to pick out her dress. The bride was fine that I picked out my dress first. It sounds like your counterpart is a last minute decision makers.

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Congrats! If the other mom procrastinates again, just go ahead and get what you think is appropriate and run it by the bride.

I already had this dress from a prior military ball, so this is what I’ll be wearing to our son’s wedding (GMOB will also be in navy):

Hard to see, but the bodice sparkles.


I started my MOB dress shopping early. My color choices, left over from the wedding party’s first dibs were yellow and orange. Not too many dresses available in either color plus it was still the height of the pandemic so supply chains were a mess. Plus it had to be garden party appropriate, so not too formal. I had a lovely yellow dress picked, but I was not a fan of its easily snagged fabric, so I was happy when a floral dress featuring every color of the wedding (sort of!) appeared, so I grabbed it. Pleaded with the seamstress to get it hemmed - got it back the day before the wedding! But I was the only mom, so no other mom to coordinate with.


Very nice!

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This is the color D1 is looking at for bridesmaids, but not the actual dress. She says either willow or sage green. D1 would also like to keep the cost for the bridesmaid dresses at $150 or less for her friends.

The wedding and reception will be outside in early May 2024. So I will need a dress color that does not clash with this.


Thanks. I sent this one to my daughter to see what she thinks! I’ve been sending her pix of dresses she finds too informal (we are just starting to explore). I have some time; the wedding is 11/11/23.

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I think the “Cabernet” color would complement this green quite nicely.


If you’re looking for suggestions, I think multiple shades of blue would look good with this color also.

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This is a pretty dress for either a casual or outdoor wedding. Or for the rehersal dinner. Great price on sale!



I bought my MOB dress a couple weeks ago for D’s September wedding. As background: I struggled with shopping for the dress for several reasons. The first obstacle was color. D’s color palette does not include the current ”in” colors. She’s a redhead and picked a palette of fall colors. The bridesmaids’ dresses will be dark green. Her preferred shades of red are in the dusty rose or rust range. When I looked at department store websites, I saw lots of cool colors, blues, silver etc (think Tiffany Trump’s wedding).

The dress code is “cocktail/black-tie-optional.” I decided not to opt for a full length gown but instead to look for something at or below the knee — another challenge because I’m 5’10” and a lot of so-called knee length dresses are too short on me. I also wanted something that looked a bit fancy/bling-y but hopefully in a tasteful way.

I looked at the website where the bridesmaids’ dresses are coming from (Azazie) and didn’t love any of the mom’s dresses there, although there were certainly many options and colors. I also liked the fact that they show their dresses not just on a skinny model but also on a larger sized (but still young) model. Still, I can’t tell you how many times I looked at a dress on that site and thought it looked okay until I looked at the reviews and photos of the dress on a real mom of my age and build and lost my enthusiasm!

The next issue was a flattering fit. After trying on a few dresses, I concluded that a sheath style dress (very popular option) was not a flattering look for me. I decided I wanted an A-line skirt, modest neckline (by which I mean just not a deep V) and 3/4 length or full length sleeves.

So here’s what I ended up with. The dress brand is MacDuggal and I got it through Saks Fifth Avenue. The color is Rose Gold. In one of the photos I’m holding up a swatch of one of the “palette” reds to hopefully show it’s complementary. I got the shoes at Dillards. The shoes are a higher heel than I usually like and I”m sure I’ll sneak along a pair of backup low heels.

The MOG is reportedly agonizing over her dress choice. She lives in a small town in Ohio. Apparently she read some wedding websites and came away with the idea that as the MOG she has to look drab and fade into the background. The bride and I have tried to reassure her. My only request is that she not opt for a full length gown since I didn’t, and I’m sure it wouldn’t be her preference anyway. But she’s much more petite than I and can wear desses that wouldn’t look good on me. I’ve tried to pass on that she can wear any bride-approved color.


I’ve been on the JJ’s website, but I’m losing weight and didn’t want to order anything until it gets closer to the date. I could go to the tailor, but they take 2 weeks.
Has anyone ordered anything from there?
I’m concerned about the fabric and the amount of “sweat” I will produce because of heat, nervousness, and busy-ness.

So pretty. Love the shoes. :slight_smile:


I will need to have a dark color dress as I am a very fair blonde with blue eyes and too light of colors will wash me out. I am liking suggestions all of you are giving me. Since I still have 14 months until the wedding I am in no rush yet and hope to lose a few pounds before starting to try on dresses.

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