The 2023 MOB/MOG dress extravaganza!

Since HImom asked…this is the dress I didn’t return. It’s more pink than the photo. I’m 5’8" and the dress hits the floor. Will not be wearing a heel.

My concerns about getting a burgundy dress are that there’s no way I can match colors, and I don’t want to look like a bridesmaid! Since it’s a fall-themed wedding, I’ve looked at other colors, too. Yellow, orange and green are terrible on me. A brown or rust with character might work. Maybe a dark gray.

I’ve looked in my closet and I have several dresses (including what I wore for S1’s wedding) that are the tiered flapper style. It completely hides my middle and the fact that I have no waist (apple shapes unite).


We found out that son’s June park wedding/reception (with catered dinner reception under a tent) will have dress code of Garden Semi-Formal. I like that because it may open up my MOG dress options to include more Petite styles than what I had seen on David’s, Dillard’s etc websites.


I love that dress. I will say that I have read reviews that state it restricts one’s arm movement.

This is a pretty, fun dress! I love it!

@CountingDown - that is a lovely dress. You are going to look wonderful for your son’s special day!

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Pantone solved the problem of color matching by standardizing colors. :slight_smile: Manufacturers can call it whatever they want… but in reality all use Pantone.


That was not our experience at all. When I looked at dresses, I saw so many different shades of red and navy blue, my head began to spin. I wasn’t interested in red, but jettisoned navy because of the huge variation.

If everyone is using Pantone…then why are there so many variations on reds in the stores.

Those are likely all Pantone “shades.” If you pick one, a match can be found. Just need a starting point for matching and some patience.

The main problem with red this time of the year is that Christmas and Chinese New Year are over, so all red offerings are what’s left in the inventory.

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Yes…and those can be very different reds!

My kid’s wedding colors were light blue and silver…I think. I chose to wear lavender which was a complimentary color to these colors. MOG wore an aqua dress. Again, complimentary.


Chances are the bride who has chose red and teal as her colors (or teal and red - would be good to know if one is the “primary” color) has an inspiration photo or mood board of how she would like to use those colors. Would be great for her to share that with dress buyers or anyone needing to sort of “fit in the color scheme” - super handy to have while out shopping.

I actually kind of like the colors in the photos above. They remind me of a sort of updated mid century modern palette/vibe.


Again, they are different but all likely come from the same color wheel or whatever you call it. Pick a point, and look for matches. It isn’t like the color offerings are infinite n

Our bridesmaids bought their dresses at different places at different times. As soon as one bought her dress, the others started looking for theirs to match. I will post a pic when I find it. Looked very color matched to me. :slight_smile:

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Ours did the same…but they knew the fabric and color, and designer…fabric choice can also make the colors look different.

Kinda looks like my Chirp coffee mugs! :slight_smile:


And that’s why you let the hardest to shop for buy first, and then the rest do the shopping. :slight_smile:

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Very nice dress @countingdown! I’m unsure whether S’s fiancée wants me to wear long (floor length) or short. So far, i’ve only found a short knee-length dress.

Love the way that looks but it would definitely be for a bride who isn’t afraid of color and better suited to a warm weather wedding. I also prefer the blue being the primary with the red as the accent, vs the other way around.

I’m a fair-skinned blonde but have never loved red on me. I would not be happy if my daughter had mandated me wearing a red gown. I would however wear the blue.

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I have a dread fear that a future daughter-in-law (no candidates in the picture right now at all) will want me as the MOG to wear YELLOW.

I mean, I will smile and do as I am told when the time comes, but I certainly hope I am not told to wear YELLOW.



Yellow was the leftover color I chose for me as MOB after bridesmaids and groomswoman picked theirs, but the offerings were so slim back then! I did find an amazing dress, but the fabric was too delicate and snagged so easily it would have driven me nuts!

Such a pretty dress, soft shape and subtle yellow dress!

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