The Bragging Thread

SIL will be the honored guest speaker at Harvard in 2 weeks, and at Yale in 4 weeks. He’s already presented seminars at Cal Tech and MIT this year. That just leaves Stanford and Princeton and he’ll have achieved the equivalent of the 7 Summits of mathematics in one year.



My 17 year old DS chats with a 2nd grader on the school bus sometimes. The girl initiated the friendship. Today is her birthday so he brought her a treat. Very sweet and makes me proud. He says she is very proud to have a big kid she can talk to.


That is so sweet and what a model for a well-raised young man!

When your company sends you along with 5 others to a top tech conference:

Full conference pass - $1,850
6 Nights Hotel - $1,500
RT Airfare - $1,400

The confidence boost you get when you find out you are the only non-PhD that your company is sending - Priceless

Way to go son!


Phi Beta Kappa. Top award for the senior who shows promise in advanced study of math (though Physics is his passion in his double major). Heading to Georgetown for a Ph.D. in Industrial Leaderships in Physics (a program that prepares for work in industry not academia ) with a full scholarship and stipend. Hard work pays off.