The choice is ... Hendrix

<p>I hope that you will continue to post on your son's experience at Hendrix. My son is a hs junior and we are considering Hendrix along with some other similar LACs...Centre College, Rhodes College, and the College of Wooster.</p>

<p>Sally305-Congratulations on your son's choice! Our D is completing her second year at Hendrix. She has been very happy with her decision to attend Hendrix. She visited many LACs including: Rhodes, Centre, Davidson, Grinnell, Carleton, Macalester, and Earlham. She finally decided on Hendrix even though it was a tough decision for her. At Hendrix she has found a place where she can explore, learn and grow. As a parent I was very impressed with the orientation program for students and parents during move in. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions you would like to ask or you could start another discussion thread.</p>

<p>Haystack-I encourage your son to visit Hendrix next year as a senior and do an overnight. I highly reccomend an overnight at any school he is considering so he can get a feel for academic and student life.</p>

<p>Thanks, mediaman. I may PM you if I think of anything.</p>

<p>And Haystack--I agree about the overnight. It really sealed the deal for my son. He felt completely welcome there, and loved meeting so many current students to get a feel for what his classmates and friends would be like. His host took him all over campus and to a party, and then the next day we both participated in orientation activities that were really well done.</p>