The Colorado College Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

ECs means strong list of extracurriculars. Yes, my son’s letter also had a personalized P.S. about his essay. It was a nice touch that made me cry!

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Yes, I get that ECs means extracurriculars, just wondered if what is considered strong. Would a part time internship at CDC be considered strong, in conjunction with varsity sports, band, and tutoring, and NHS??

My son got deferred on ED1 and can either go into the regular pool or ED2. Does anyone know the stats for ED2 after deferral from ED1?

My son was accepted ED. His UW average was about a 93 brought down by his freshman year grades. A big upward trend from 9th through 11th (I think his GPA in 11th grade was about a 98 or 99). 1540 SATs, National Merit Semifinalist, 7 APs. No ranking, but he goes a top public high school. His main EC was an unusual sport that he spent a lot of time on, with a smattering of other sports and activities. I think he also had a great common app essay which really showed his personality and grit and determination. CC is the perfect school for him, and I think that came through in his application. And, yes, there was a personalized P.S. in his acceptance letter.

I don’t think you need a huge number of ECs, although that seems to be the trend which I think is unfortunate. You just need one or two that show a deep commitment. I personally think NHS is overrated.


An internship with CDC could be a really strong EC for sure but hard to know without details of long, how contributed to the internship etc. I agree with others who have posted that strong ECs are ones that the student pursues/contributes to deeply and that align with activities and/or academics they would pursue in college. Regarding NHS my D put that recognition in the honors/awards section and didn’t include it in her activities section since she isn’t an officer and doesn’t spend time with the club other than monthly meetings and community service when the club is active.

I would think that re-committing to ED in round 2 would show strongest interest. Can he ask his admission rep for advice? I don’t think CC separates the stats from ED1 and ED2 pools- they combine them to report a general “ED” round making it hard to uncover the stats from ED2. If your son’s application will be stronger after this semester… esp stronger grades, any additional awards or leadership roles… perhaps worth going ED2 if still his #1 choice. But if he wants a chance to cast a wider net and go for other options it would be best to stay in regular pool. Tough decision.

Thanks - agree. Didn’t list NHS as an activity either. Other stats include UW GPA 3.9 and 4.6 W with 1530 SAT and IB diploma candidate with other APs 9th and 10th. Internship was related in role (stats), but she’s not interested in public health! We’ll know on Monday!

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She sounds like an amazing applicant…. Good luck and keep us posted!

@skieurope is there any way to edit the title of this thread to include early action decisions? Or to start a pinned thread for EA?


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Any updates on early action decisions?



When do EA decisions come out?

Ea came out about a month ago?