The Complete Guide to SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics

<p>Programs aren't necessary if you know your math. I didn't use any.</p>

<p>programs are useful if you know how to use them.
I used a program during the SAT, but it only calculated things that would waste that to do by hand, distance formula, etc.</p>

<p>nice post!</p>

<p>one more question: what method have you found to be most successful for studying? i mean, a lot of people recommend books to use, but when you're "using" them, did you read through them and take notes, or make flashcards? Are there any other methods that have worked?</p>

<p>I read through it once, then read though it again (this time taking notes, highlighting), then the practice quizzes.
For every two questions I would get wrong, I would reread the section again to etch it into my brain</p>

<p>rinse and repeat, until you get all the practice questions correct.</p>

<p>Thanks, this is a comprehensive and helpful guide. :) It should be stickied!</p>

<p>Thanks for making this post!</p>

<p>Few questions [for anyone] about the Math subject tests: if I'm taking Pre-Cal Junior Year, would it be wise to take the Math II in Senior Year or just take Math I now?</p>

<p>take Math II, it doesn't require Cal</p>

<p>Wow this is an awesome thread! will be refering back to this later :)</p>

<p>I love you..:)</p>

<p>If I'm capable of doing well on both math I an II, is it better to take both or just math II?</p>

<p>jamesford says to take mathII</p>

<p>Love this!</p>

<p>James Ford your my hero</p>

<p>rice requires 2 subject tests. would they care if I took math I and math II as my subject tests?</p>

<p>is kaplan good for math 2 and are its tests accurate?</p>

<p>wonderful, James Ford!!! thanks! =D</p>

<p>bicyclekick: I'd recommend against it, really. It's a bit too easy. I finished the Kaplan and have started the Barron's... which is far more complex and complete.</p>

<p>argh,i wish i had good books in my the way,good thread james ford.....</p>

<p>For 99% of schools, Math I and Math II do not count as two tests. They are one.</p>

<p>Barrons has a great review section.</p>

<p>Is sparknotes enough for achieving an 800 on maths II C?</p>