The Home Improvement Thread

Some remotes can be set at one of preset “channels” sort of like garage door openers. This eliminates crosstalk with other remotes in the same house and minimizes the chances your neighbors will be turning your fan on. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, our very basic Hampton Bay fan in House1 did not have this option. I believe the Minka Aire fans we are installing do.

My handyman installed 2 fans. The electrician who came later, said the code set to 00000. It would have taken a minute to change one of the fans so the remote didn’t effect the other fan.

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We are replacing all of our upstairs flooring – a hall and two bedrooms. Here’s my quandry in choosing:

Downstairs floors are a light oak (engineered hardwood). The stairs, however, are a stained oak that looks like walnut or a dark gunstock shade. The railings are also dark. Currently those floors have a very old wall to wall carpet. Changing the staircase really isn’t an option.

So do we go with a light shade to match the first floor and have some continuity despite the stairs, or do we do a dark shade to match the staircase and the trim around the 2nd floor landing?

I don’t think there’s one right answer, but rather it’s personal preference. If it were me, I’d do the light flooring upstairs to match the first floor. That’s partly because I prefer lighter floors, but also partly because I could possibly sand down the stairs later and refinish them to match the light floors. Handrails, spindles and landing trim could be painted later if it’s too much of a pain to sand them down to bare wood.