The Journey: Avg Stats Kid who needs big FinAid

@momocarly - if I remember right, your kid is starting vet school soon, right? That’s a BIG THING! well done.
I appreciated your post of looking past certain items of a school; and figuring out how to get the most out of those schools. We ran into a kid going to Harvard Med school after coming from a very small directional public school; kid worked hard and learned well.

& @cptofthehouse - I agree completely that going away is often a catalyst for personal change. Just wish it wasn’t so dang expensive that first year with R&B.

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@EconPop I hope you continue. As a fellow NC person who has already gone through this and is about to again with D21, I am following with great interest. While my kids have higher stats, D21 sits at a large IB optional public school. Not going into IB automatically plunges you in class rank.

I also know a lot of kids who just set their sites on UNC-CH or NC State and want to go into competitive majors (so many kids want to be Vets) and there is no way they can all be accepted. It’s really heartbreaking every year watching how disappointed kids are. Plus many need it to be affordable and merit is hard to come by.

My kids are probably both going to go for fit and the unconventional route of not staying in state. D18- full IB top 6% went to a safety- she got credit for every IB class, something that never would have happened if she stayed in state. D21 right now has an OOS that should be a safety as #1- they have something unique that she can’t find a lot of places. For D21 most of our public universities are just too big!

So many kids I know have no idea they might be able to find good schools at an affordable price outside of NC (especially high stat kids). I look forward to reading and learning a few things.

This just came across one of my professional listservs and might be relevant for future low/mid stats instate NC applicants

Thank you.

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@bgbg4us That is correct! Thanks, we are proud of him. He has his official acceptance and will be entering vet school in August. He will get his BS when he finishes his second year of vet school and then his DVM with class of 2024. The school has been amazing for him and his opportunities incredible. Travel abroad, work with the CEO of a major company, TA in anatomy, LA in physics, and research at the Biosecurity Research Institute. His coursework has been challenging so nothing substandard in the education he has received.

The other great thing is that even though we were OOS it has been VERY affordable even with housing. Cost of living there is low. He is 9 1/2 hours away but it has never been an issue.

Just letting all know that even though our son was a little higher in stats even the kids with the lower stats can get great scholarships and succeed at all types of schools!

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I believe they involve living in North Carolina.

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Wow, Bill. If you made it that far in the thread, you must have read the whole thing. :grin: I hope it didn’t drive you bonkers.

Na I am sitting here waiting for a load test to complete, bored out of my skull.

Looks like you finished your journey, congrats.